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Thai Curry Noodle Soup with Tofu and Tempeh

I just chatted with a neighbor in the elevator.

It’s crazy that we get excited about the upcoming temperature of 40F degrees.

She is right though, about Minnesotans getting soon excited about 20F degrees!

Seriously, I think we can officially call us survivors.

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Wild Rice

When people try my soup, they ask me what I use in place of chicken (or beef) stock.

Well, when I tell them I don’t use any premade stock, even the vegetable one, they look surprised.

When I started plant-based diet, I would initially buy those products, but soon I realized I really didn’t need them to make tasty soup.

If anything, I use various kinds of seaweed, mushrooms, and vegetables to create the base flavor.

This soup is packed with wonderful mushroom and rosemary flavors.

My husband kept telling me that our kitchen smelled like “Thanksgiving!”

It’s quickly becoming cold already in November here in Minnesota, and soup is a good choice for a meal.

Onigirazu Rice Balls: Tempeh & Radish; Tofu & Hijiki Carrot

Onigirazu rice balls.

This is my third time making this type of rice balls.

It’s still a little tricky (I had to re-do the second one) to make, but I think I’m getting better.

I like them because I can see exactly what’s in them.

I made two types this time.

This one has teriyaki tempeh, spinach leaves, and radish salad.

This is the other version.

In this one you will find turmeric tofu and braised Hijiki seaweed and carrots.

Flaky Wheat Bread

I always lived with my parents until I left to go to college in the U.S. at age 25.

One of the things we would do together as a family was going to the library every Sunday morning.

Everyone in my family was an avid reader.

When I moved to Minnesota, initially I didn’t have time for leisure reading.

I was a full-time student for a long time.

But when I finally had time to read something other than textbooks, I began going to the library.

My visit to the library has been rather sporadic the last few years, but a few weeks ago I decided to make more time for reading.


Well, when I do find a good book, I really enjoy reading.

Well, where am I going with this story, you ask?

Last time I was at the local library, I borrowed two fiction books and one cookbook.

The cookbook was called “Entice with spice: easy Indian recipes for busy people.”

And this was the one recipe I got interested in.

The ingredients are a few and basic things I always have in my kitchen.

The process was pretty straight-forward, too.

For my lunch plate to serve with my flaky bread, I roasted brussels sprouts.

Look at this!

I found it Trader Joe’s.

Very cool!

I served homemade vegan cheese to dip the bread.

The flakey bread was definitely flaky.

We liked the texture and also the flavor from wheat flour.

By the way, this bread was called “Sada Paratha” in Indian.

Wild Rice Apple Walnut Cranberry Salad

I made this salad when I still had fresh apples I got from a local apple orchard.

The combination of fresh apples, wild rice, walnut, celery, cranberry, and kale is so wonderful.

It’s so satisfying, and I could just have this as a meal, maybe with a cup of soup.

The salad was dressed with homemade maple Dijon dressing.

Tofu Donuts – Cinnamon Sugar

Believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of donuts.

No, that’s not the right statement.

I should say, I’m very particular when it comes to donuts, so it’s hard to find ones that I like.

I have been in a mood for donuts lately, but the ones I buy from stores never satisfy my craving.

When I found a recipe using tofu, I thought this would be interesting.

I had no idea what to expect because it was my first tofu donuts.


I was pleasantly surprised by them.

The texture is very unique.

This is definitely not the cake type.

They have slightly crispy outside, soft and slightly chewy inside, and overall, they are light in a very good way.

I loved them!!

I made half fried, and the other half baked in the oven.

These are the baked version.

They resulted in slightly different textures.

It’s hard to say which is better.

They are simply different.

My husband said he liked the baked one a little better.

I used this recipe (Japanese).

(The recipe instructs you to fry them.)

I try not to buy dishes, because I already have plenty and I don’t have room!

But I was at a vintage shop last weekend, and I fell in love with these beautiful brown dishes.

Have a great weekend everyone.

You & Me Onigiri Breakfast

This is my third “You & Me Onigiri,” and I have a feeling that you’ll see more in the future!

Wild Rice Cranberry Seed Rosemary Crusty Rolls

Well, I still had some leftover cooked wild rice.

So I decided to add some to crusty rolls.

I also added dry cranberries, sunflower seeds, and chopped fresh rosemary.

I love how they turned out.

The rustic look is just irresistible.

Just because I wanted to try it right out of the oven, I skipped breakfast (or waited for this late breakfast).

This is how it looks inside.

It was delicious as it was, but I do admit that it was better with my homemade vegan butter.

One of my favorite mugs.

Made by a local potter.

I also baked whole wheat boule, as well.

There is nothing better than starting the day with freshly baked bread.

Zen Steak and Veggie Bento Box

I made this bento box several months ago.

I loved it, but for some reason I forgot to post it.

I’m glad that I just remember it.

I knew I made an awesome bento box in the spring time (lol).

Ginger okra.

Spicy eggplant

Sesame carrots.

It’s been a while.

Maybe it’s time to make a bento box again.

Apple Fried Rice

Yes, I’m still enjoying creating dishes featuring apples.

This time fried rice!

You know, many Thai restaurants serve pineapple fried rice, and the idea came from it.

Apples get caramelized and create wonderful flavors.

Apples and tempeh were cooked first, rice and green onion were added and then they were fried together.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

It was so tasty!

If you like pineapple rice, you will love this one.

The apple fried rice was served with a little bit of this and that.

I love having small dishes like this for my meal.