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Category Archives: Tofu

Spicy Summer Soba

What’s your go-to meal on a hot and humid summer day? Mine is cold noodles. Soba noodles were served with homemade almond tofu, Wakame seaweed, and summer veggies. So refreshing and tasty!!

Tofu Stuffed Bitter Melon Tempura

  My bitter melon adventure continues. My first bitter melon dish, namul, did not fly. I could not eat more than a few bites, because it was too bitter. My next bitter melon dish was my previous post, smoothie. It was still a bit bitter, but the bitterness was surprisingly pleasant. Many people recommended tempura. […]

Almond Tofu

Remember my first homemade tofu, Sunflower Tofu? Well, I liked it so much that I decided to make tofu again. This time, an almond version. It’s so easy to make, and it turns out great this time too. Very creamy and smooth.

Spicy Mango Pad Thai Spaghetti

Happy Wednesday! I started doing meal-prep a few weekends ago, and I’m loving it. It makes it so much easier to prepare weekday meals. Healthier. And less stress. However, it usually becomes challenging to create dinner that doesn’t make you feel like you are eating the same things over and over. I got to come […]

Sunflower Tofu

The tofu we typically think of is made of soy beans. But in Japan many other types of tofu exist. Some popular ones are sesame tofu and peanut tofu. I was going to make one of them, but I just didn’t have the ingredients for either one of them. But I did have sunflower seed […]

Onigirazu Rice Sandwich

This style of rice sandwich became extremely popular in Japan about five years ago. It’s called “Onigirazu.” At that time it seemed that everyone in Japan was making this. I’m always a bit behind of trends, and now five years later I made my first Onigirazu. You can basically use anything you like once you […]

BF Egg Tempeh Sandwich

Another favorite breakfast sandwich of mine. I recently discovered this salt, which gives unique egg-like flavor. Interesting, right? Fried tempeh. Doesn’t it look good? Fresh watercress. Mise en place. I always tend to pile up too much stuff and get afraid that they might fall! Have a great weekend everyone!

Croissant Banh Mi

Why making banh mi with croissant? Well, why not?! Vegan croissant from Eureka Compass Vegan Food, homemade vegan butter, Thai sweet basil, zucchini slices, tofu steak, seitan steak, Daikon-carrot Asian slaw, and mint. My husband had a chance to share this sandwich with one of his friends, who is definitely NOT a vegan, reportedly enjoyed […]

Garlic Herb “Ticken” Sandwich

When I received a food request from my hubby that is not “Swedish Meatball” I do accept it (lol). (He says “Swedish Meatball” too many times, and sadly it is often dismissed…) He wanted a sandwich with some kind of chicken-like meat and lingonberry. So this is what I came up with. When I want […]

Mom’s “Egg” and Lettuce Hot Sandwich

Is there a dish that you grew up eating all the time as a kid because your mom made it, and then later as an adult you realize that no one else makes it? This “egg” and lettuce hot sandwich is one of those foods. My mother made this for my sister and I all […]