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Category Archives: Tofu

BF Egg Tempeh Sandwich

Another favorite breakfast sandwich of mine. I recently discovered this salt, which gives unique egg-like flavor. Interesting, right? Fried tempeh. Doesn’t it look good? Fresh watercress. Mise en place. I always tend to pile up too much stuff and get afraid that they might fall! Have a great weekend everyone!

Croissant Banh Mi

Why making banh mi with croissant? Well, why not?! Vegan croissant from Eureka Compass Vegan Food, homemade vegan butter, Thai sweet basil, zucchini slices, tofu steak, seitan steak, Daikon-carrot Asian slaw, and mint. My husband had a chance to share this sandwich with one of his friends, who is definitely NOT a vegan, reportedly enjoyed […]

Garlic Herb “Ticken” Sandwich

When I received a food request from my hubby that is not “Swedish Meatball” I do accept it (lol). (He says “Swedish Meatball” too many times, and sadly it is often dismissed…) He wanted a sandwich with some kind of chicken-like meat and lingonberry. So this is what I came up with. When I want […]

Mom’s “Egg” and Lettuce Hot Sandwich

Is there a dish that you grew up eating all the time as a kid because your mom made it, and then later as an adult you realize that no one else makes it? This “egg” and lettuce hot sandwich is one of those foods. My mother made this for my sister and I all […]

“Egg” Rice bowl

Egg Rice Bowl is one of my favorite lunch dishes on the cafeteria menu at the college I attended in japan. It was cheap (I believe it was about 400 yen (approximately $4.00), filling, and tasty. Egg rice bowl is basically eggs and onions cooked in soy sauce-based slightly sweet broth and served over rice. […]

Silken Tofu Rice

This dish is one of the best examples, “simple is best.” What you need to make Silken Tofu Rice are… Rice. Silken tofu (warm or cold). Soy sauce. These are the basic ingredients. And toppings of your choice. This time I had avocado mash (avocado plus wasabi and chopped radish), chopped tomatoes, and Japanese Shiso […]

Vegan Bibimbap

Vegans and plant-eaters. Who is tired of “subtraction” vegan dishes? Well, I am. You go to a restaurant. Find a dish that says “vegan upon request” and ask about it. Your server tells you it’s “no problem” to make the dish vegan. They will just remove this, this, this, and that. So you’ll end up […]

T-Rice Bowl

Instagram is an awesome thing. I was away from the Japanese food scene for a long time, but now I feel like I’m catching up. When I saw a picture of a dynamic tofu rice bowl, I knew that was something I wanted to create myself. Apparently, this is a special dish served at a […]

Carrot Shiri-Shiri Roll

Carrot Shiri-Shiri is a simple dish that originated in the Southern island of Japan, Okinawa. The very basic is shredded carrots sautéed with eggs. I used tofu in place of eggs, and I also added “shira-taki” which is a type of traditional Japanese noodles made of konjac yam; I cut them into small pieces. This […]

Tofu Miso Katsu Rice Bowl

When you don’t know what to make for lunch, a rice bowl is always a good idea, if you ask me. Tofu Katsu or deep-fried crispy tofu is one of my favorites to use for a rice bowl. Brown rice, tofu katsu, and sweet miso glaze in a bowl. Served with miso soup and fresh […]