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“Steak” Tacos with Cherry Salsa

The inspiration came from the sweet cherries I had in my fridge. This salsa (or pico de gallo) was fruity and super refreshing! Cherry salsa: cherries, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno peppers (pickled), cilantro, salt I also made spicy Yuzu sauce. This was not my initial plan, but at the last minute I decided that I […]

Olive Sun-Dried Tomato Herbed Cookies

I like rules, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a rule-follower in general. I read furniture assembly instructions. The best part of learning a new language for me is learning the grammar. However, when it comes to cooking and baking, I am everything but a rule-follower! I hate following recipes, and I’m […]

V-Steak Street Tacos with Pineapple Pico de Gallo

Don’t get me wrong. I love sauce, probably more than most people, and I tend to drench food in sauce. But I think it’s important not to do that sometimes, to really enjoy the flavor from each ingredient. Fresh and delicious!

Earth Lover’s Cheese Plate

As you know, I’ve been making various types of vegan cheese. Now I have a few favorites, and I decided to make a plate to showcase them. I had a special guest the other day, and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to make one for us to enjoy together. Herbed Feta. The recipe […]

Shiso Broccoli Omelette Fritters

I had a lot of cooked broccoli and wanted to use it for my breakfast. What I ended up with were these omelette fritters. Love that there are a lot of chunks of broccoli and it’s flavored with Japanese Shiso basil. I used chickpea flour instead of regular flour, so, the final result was more […]

Dip Trio

It’s always nice that your snack is not only delicious but also healthy and colorful. I got fresh veggies ready. And ready to dip! Cheddar. Edamame Mint. Maple Purple Potato. Yum!

Vegan Swiss Cheese

The recipe is from this book. I always liked Swiss cheese. So when I found the vegan recipe, I had to try it. I should say I was actually attracted to the authentic look, with holes! The holes were optional, but of course I had to make mine just like the one in the book. […]

Christmas Tree Pastry

Christmas pastry with basil pesto and sun-dried tomato. The colors are perfect. Merry Christmas everyone!

LIV-Cheddar Cheese

When I saw the recipe at Loving It Vegan, I had to try it. My husband likes to have vegan cheese around in the house, but we’ve been out of it for a while. I’m not a huge fan of store-bought cheese (I’m a strong believer that homemade is always better!), and I thought I […]

Mock Fried Oysters

I’m not a huge fan of “mock” anything, as “mock” meat tends to stray too far away from whole-food. But last time I was in Japan I bought this cookbook called “MODOKI (means “mock” in Japanese)”, as the ingredients are still mostly whole-food. I’ve been interested in this recipe for a while, and finally I […]