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Category Archives: Potatoes/Squash

2019 Super Bowl

I’m not a huge Super Bowl fan (unless the Vikings get to play), but it gives me an excuse to make fun snacks! These are a few things I prepared for the game today. Walnut and Blue Cheese Grapes. I saw Ms. Giada making this on TV, and I immediately knew I wanted to try […]

Curry Udon with Tempura

Curry Udon is one of the ultimate comfort foods in Japan in my opinion. The Japanese curry soup is rich and so flavorful, and the udon is thick and chewy. I can eat just that, but today I wanted my curry udon a bit special, and I made tempura. I found these mini king mushrooms […]

Kabocha Thai Green Curry

The first time I tried Thai curry with Kabocha squash in it, I fell in love. The sweet and soft squash was just perfect in the creamy spicy soup. The restaurant that I know serves Kabocha Thai curry is a bit far from our house, and I’ve also learned that it may not be vegan; […]

Kale Caesar Salad with Roasted Kabocha and Cauliflower

Kale is one of my favorite leaf vegetables. The curly leaves, the dark green color, the texture that does not wilt easily, and of course, the taste. My first vegan Caesar dressing turned out so tasty that I was so excited about this lunch. I just bought a beautiful Kabocha. It was simply roasted in […]

Potato Chickpea Curry with Roti

I like Indian food, especially curry. If I had to choose one country’s food to eat for the rest of my life (besides Japan’s), it may have to be Indian food. This smells so good. So does the whole kitchen! Actually, the main reason I made curry was I needed something that would go well […]

Chili and Chips

Chili and Chips! First, chili. I used my homemade vegan meatballs. They were roughly crumbled and they kept their texture in chili really well. Potatoes are not probably the typical thing that accompanies chili, but why not?! I oven-baked them, and they turned out delicious!! I probably like these more than fried ones. I like […]

Thanksgiving 2018

This was our second year plant-based Thanksgiving. I got a little help from The Herbivous Butcher. Guess what we got? Turducken! I got my collection of vintage (and not so vintage) plates out. It turned out great! Menu: Turducken from The Herbivous Butcher Cornbread with V butter Braised Kale and Lentils Spiced Maple Butternut Squash […]

Swedish V-Meatballs

Every time I ask my husband what he wants for dinner, he always says “Swedish meatballs.” I knew how much he loves the dish, so it was hard to say “No I can’t make it”. But for the longest time I didn’t think it would be possible to make plant-based Swedish meatballs. But this recipe […]

“East Meet Midwest” Okonomi-Yaki

Okonomi-Yaki is a popular savory pancake in Japan. The most used ingredient is cabbage. Other than that you can basically add anything, but the popular ones are pork and squid. This time king mushroom (cooked with garlic), purple cabbage, and chive went into my Okonomi-Yaki batter. You mix them well. Typically you can start cooking […]

Purple Potato Mini Tarts

Purple potato has quickly become one of my favorite potatoes. Last time I got my purple potatoes at Whole Foods, but this time I got mine at a local Asian grocery store. The skin color was a bit paler than the previous one, but when cooked it tasted just the same. As I talked about […]