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Category Archives: Potatoes/Squash

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Cake

Mont Blanc is a mountain to most people. But in Japan when people hear “Mont Blanc,” it could also mean a cake! Mont Blanc cake is traditionally made with chestnut cream. This time I decided to use sweet potatoes because I happened to have some and the color was beautiful. I did decorate the came […]

Breakfast Wrap

I don’t know why I don’t make wraps more often. They are easy to make and easy to eat! Probably one of the best hand-held food you can have while driving. Well, I didn’t need to go anywhere, but these were still so good. I wrapped all my breakfast favorites, like scrambled tofu, roasted potatoes, […]

Curried Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

I don’t make this dish too often, but when I have left-over mashed potatoes, this does appear on our dinner table. I used my vegan meatballs and crumbled them into small pieces to add to the stew. Turned out great. It’s a good hearty dish.

Kabocha Tacos

I love Kabocha squash, and one of my favorite ways to prepare is to cook it in sweet soy sauce-based broth. You can enjoy it as it is, but I also like to use it for other dishes. These Kabocha tacos were fantastic! On the tortillas you’ll find sweet Kabocha squash, tempeh, vegan sour cream, […]

Creamy Mango Stew

The inspiration came from one product. It’s savory fermented mango sauce from Trader Joe’s. When I saw an Instagram friend’s post about this, I put it on my list right away. It has a beautiful orange color. Creamy. Slightly spicy. It has the undertone of mango, but it’s not sweet. But it definitely has the […]

Cauliflower Potato Yogurt Curry

I got to come home a bit earlier on Monday, and I wanted to make a big pot of curry, hoping that it would last for the rest of the week. I don’t buy vegan yogurt often, but I happened to need it for a few things, and I wanted to use it up before […]

Double Purple Gnocchi

I love purple potato. From its color to taste. I usually buy purple potatoes either at Whole Foods (above) or Ha Tien Supermarket (below). As you can see they look very different. Their inside has very different colors as their skin. I knew they were slightly different, but when you compare them side by side […]

Taro Croquette Sandwich

I’ve been going to the local Asian grocery store, Ha Tien Supermarket, almost weekly since they opened. I don’t do all my grocery shopping there, but I go there rather for certain specific things. One of the things I like to look at in the store is their potato/squash section. They have a wide variety […]

Satsuma Toast

This is what I was dreaming of for a while!! Finally I got to make and taste it. Satsuma potato is a Japanese sweet potato, and one of my favorite potatoes in the world! It has the perfect sweetness and texture. It doesn’t get mushy or soggy at all when cooked. I used to cook […]

2019 Super Bowl

I’m not a huge Super Bowl fan (unless the Vikings get to play), but it gives me an excuse to make fun snacks! These are a few things I prepared for the game today. Walnut and Blue Cheese Grapes. I saw Ms. Giada making this on TV, and I immediately knew I wanted to try […]