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Category Archives: Rice/Grains

Japanese Curry and Rice with Summer Vegetables

Once in a while I crave for Japanese curry and I make it. It tastes good particularly in summer.   I sautéed zucchini and asparagus in a pan, and roasted Kabocha squash in the oven. Homemade pickled ginger.

Plant Chirashi Sushi Bowl

Chirashi has always been one of my favorite sushi dishes. In regular Chirashi bowl you will find various types of fish placed over sushi rice. Since I switched to the plant-based diet, I have wanted to make a plant-based version. When I succeeded in making this delicious vegan “salmon” I knew I was finally ready. […]

Vegan “Salmon” Temari Sushi Balls

Temari means a hand ball in Japanese, and it’s another style of sushi. Yes, there are a lot of different types of sushi, including “nigiri,” “maki (rolls),” “temaki (hand-roll),” “chirashi (scattered),” “oshi (pressed)”… I like Temari because they are easy to make and they look adorable. The vegan “salmon” is a game changer(previous post), and […]

Gomoku Onigiri

Well, I should probably explain the name. Gomoku rice is a popular Japanese rise dish. You combine uncooked rice, broth (usually soy sauce based), and basically anything you like, typically vegetables, meat, or/and fish, and cook everything together. You can use a regular pot and cook on a stove, but I typically use my rice […]

Cauliflower Potato Yogurt Curry

I got to come home a bit earlier on Monday, and I wanted to make a big pot of curry, hoping that it would last for the rest of the week. I don’t buy vegan yogurt often, but I happened to need it for a few things, and I wanted to use it up before […]

Weekend Sushi Rolls

Last weekend we took a trip to New York City. We got to try great vegan food there, and one of the memorable meals was the one at Beyond Sushi. Their sushi was so creative and unique, and that really inspired me to be a bit more bold in my sushi-making. I also found this […]

Banh Mi Sushi Roll

I just love the flavor and texture combination used for Banh Mi sandwich, and that was the inspiration for this sushi roll. Homemade seitan steak and fresh crispy veggies are the stars of this roll. But the supporting actors are also important. I hope everyone had a good start of the week.

Get Lucky Green Bowl

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am celebrating with this awesome green bowl this year. Very straight forward. All green veggies (arugula, cabbage, okra, broccoli, and peas) and spinach rice. Served with cilantro mayo. How are you celebrating? I also made Triple Green Mini Doughnut Sandwiches. Green juice is in the doughnuts and icing, and spinach […]

Early Spring Japanese Breakfast

We had a few warmer days this week, but it’s still pretty cold for March, and we are expecting more snow this weekend. It’s not fully spring yet, but I would like to think it’s right around the corner. To celebrate and welcome this new season, I made this Japanese style breakfast. I had some […]

Supreme Veggie Curry

When I go to an Indian restaurant, I have a hard time deciding which curry to order. Eggplant is one of my favorite veggies. Cauliflower curry is also great. But it’s hard to say “no” to chickpea curry either. So when I made curry at home, I decided to put all my favorites in it. […]