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Category Archives: Rice/Grains

Wild Rice Dijon Casserole

Minnesota is the largest producer of wild rice. Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I like it, but it’s rally great rice. If you’ve never tried it, you should. The texture of wild rice is so unique, and I love it. Wild rice, vegan chicken, asparagus, mushrooms, and Dijon white sauce. Fried onion makes […]

V-Chicken Katsu Curry

When I switched to the plant-based diet, I didn’t think there would be a day I could eat Katsu curry. Why I made this “chicken” Katsu? Well, it is because I wanted to eat Katsu curry. Thick Japanese curry and rice. I like my curry and rice served with a little pickles. Super happy with […]

Natto Arugula Fried Rice with Balsamic Glaze

I grew up in Japan, so when it comes to rice, I like Japanese rice, which some people call “sticky rice,” mostly because it’s familiar to me. But we keep other types of rice in our pantry as well. One of them is Basmati brown rice. It’s not for sushi but great for fried rice. […]

Koya-Katsu Rice Bowl

This is another favorite way of mine to eat Koya-tofu katsu. Rice, shredded cabbage, a few tomato slices, and crispy fried Koya-katsu. This sauce is very popular in Japan. I drizzle this sauce and homemade vegan mayo on top. I love how these two taste together.

Hoso-Maki Sushi Rolls

I make sushi rolls all the time, but I think this was my first time making “hoso-maki” or the “slim” version of sushi rolls! For hoso-maki you usually just put one thing, and that is why I ended up with five rolls. Cucumber. Persimmon. Turmeric tofu. Avocado. Natto. Supposed to make six. I already had […]

Onigirazu Rice Balls: Tempeh & Radish; Tofu & Hijiki Carrot

Onigirazu rice balls. This is my third time making this type of rice balls. It’s still a little tricky (I had to re-do the second one) to make, but I think I’m getting better. I like them because I can see exactly what’s in them. I made two types this time. This one has teriyaki […]

Wild Rice Apple Walnut Cranberry Salad

I made this salad when I still had fresh apples I got from a local apple orchard. The combination of fresh apples, wild rice, walnut, celery, cranberry, and kale is so wonderful. It’s so satisfying, and I could just have this as a meal, maybe with a cup of soup. The salad was dressed with […]

You & Me Onigiri Breakfast

This is my third “You & Me Onigiri,” and I have a feeling that you’ll see more in the future!

Apple Fried Rice

Yes, I’m still enjoying creating dishes featuring apples. This time fried rice! You know, many Thai restaurants serve pineapple fried rice, and the idea came from it. Apples get caramelized and create wonderful flavors. Apples and tempeh were cooked first, rice and green onion were added and then they were fried together. Looks good, doesn’t […]

Halloween Onigiri

I had a different idea for my this year’s Halloween post. But I didn’t plan well, so this was plan B (lol). I didn’t put too much time into this, but they turned out pretty good. Happy Halloween everyone.