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Category Archives: Pizza/Flatbread

Buffalo Tofu Wrap

When my sister came from Japan to visit us in the U.S. a few months ago, she told me she wanted to try a wrap. That’s when I realized that I don’t make wraps! Her stay was short, and I didn’t have a chance to make a homemade wrap. But she was able to try […]

Lion’s Mane Flatbread

I was in a mood for a good flatbread this morning. One of the reasons I had my mind set on flatbread was that I wanted to use these beautiful Lion’s Mane mushrooms I got from the local farmers market yesterday. Lion’s Mane mushrooms, onion slices, chili tofu, mini tomatoes (also from the farmer’s market), […]

Black Forest Pizza

Black forest cake is such a beautiful cake. I wasn’t in the mood for making a whole cake (it takes some mental preparation to do so (lol)), but I thought it would be fun to make something with the black forest cake “theme.” Chocolate (with a little coffee) pizza crust, with vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, […]

Moroccan Flatbread

I was in a mood for flatbread. With something with interesting flavors. My homemade “ground meat” was cooked with Moroccan inspired spices, like cumin, cinnamon, and coriander. Plus a lot of garlic. And then it was topped off with cool cucumber sauce. I love it when all the flavors come together to create something delicious!

Spring Field Flatbread

There are so many things going on this flatbread, and I struggled to name it!! But Spring Field seems like a good one because of the colors and the freshness you can taste. One of the toppings is this balsamic glazed super firm tofu. Also on this pizza you will find fresh arugula and pickled […]

Spring Sunshine Flatbread

When it comes to flatbread, the flavor combinations are endless. I like to combine sweet and savory, and this turned out absolutely delicious!!   On this flatbread you will find my mother’s homemade kumquat jam, homemade herbed feta,  red onion slices, fresh oregano leaves, and black pepper. This was not only tasty but also very […]

Chicago Style V Deep Dish Pizza

I was recently in Chicago for a long weekend. One of the restaurants we always visit while in the city is Kitchen 17. They are not a pizzeria  because they have many other dishes on their menu. But we discovered this restaurant as a place that serves great vegan deep dish pizza. So whenever we […]

Fiesta Layered Torte

I don’t make a lot of Mexican food at home , but I do like to eat tacos once in a while. I try to find the smallest bag of tortillas, but it’s hard. The smallest bag still comes with way too many tortillas for the household of two. Although they are typically pretty reasonable, […]

NYE Pizza

This year we are celebrating the end of 2018 with pizza. Cleaning up our fridge was one of the reasons to make the pizza. We happened to have homemade seitan steak, cheddar cheese, and some veggies. The inspiration was “philly cheese steak”. Happy new year everyone!

Yin Yang Pizza

What do you do when you have two completely different flavor ideas for pizza, yet the pizza crusts you have are quite large, and it has to be consumed only by two persons? Well, you make a half-and-half! Prep time. Herbed garlic tofu. Some of the ingredients. I like to prep toppings and sauce (and […]