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Category Archives: Pizza/Flatbread

Fiesta Layered Torte

I don’t make a lot of Mexican food at home , but I do like to eat tacos once in a while. I try to find the smallest bag of tortillas, but it’s hard. The smallest bag still comes with way too many tortillas for the household of two. Although they are typically pretty reasonable, […]

NYE Pizza

This year we are celebrating the end of 2018 with pizza. Cleaning up our fridge was one of the reasons to make the pizza. We happened to have homemade seitan steak, cheddar cheese, and some veggies. The inspiration was “philly cheese steak”. Happy new year everyone!

Yin Yang Pizza

What do you do when you have two completely different flavor ideas for pizza, yet the pizza crusts you have are quite large, and it has to be consumed only by two persons? Well, you make a half-and-half! Prep time. Herbed garlic tofu. Some of the ingredients. I like to prep toppings and sauce (and […]

Uchi Pizza with Pistachio Avocado Cream

My husband and I had Uchi Pizza for lunch today, because we were both working from home. What’s Uchi Pizza? Well, “Uchi” means “home” (in Japanese), and as you can guess, this was made and eaten at home. This pizza was not only homemade, but also a result of good teamwork. My husband made the […]

Fun Fun Fun! Waffle Pizza

When I saw Ms. Ree making Waffle Maker Pizza on TV, I was fascinated and couldn’t wait to try it! This was such a fun project for me and my husband to work on together. We went back and forth, and it took us a while to decide if we wanted to cook the whole thing […]