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Category Archives: Asian Food

Green Coconut Curry with V-Balls, Tofu, and Veggies

When you go to a restaurant and order a curry dish, you usually have to pick what you want in your curry. It usually takes me a long time to decide on one thing because I often want “everything”! A good thing about homemade curry is that you can add whatever you want, and the […]

Chinese Chive Pancakes

This is something you will often find at a small bar served as a snack in Japan. But for someone like me, non-drinker, it is a great afternoon snack. Chinese chives are not easy to find in the Midwest, but luckily at the local farmers market there is one vendor who does sell them regularly. […]

Crispy Red bean Buns

I shared my story about Chinese steamed buns in my previous post. Since I was making dough myself, I decided to make another version, sweet red beans. These buns are so tasty, either savory or sweet. I can’t decide which is my favorite because they are both so good. They are so pretty (pre-cooking) that […]

Crispy Bottom Steamed Buns

Chines steamed buns are a popular fall-winter snack in Japan. Now they have all different kinds of filling, from savory to sweet. But when I was a child, there were basically only two fillings you can choose from: pork(savory) and red beans (sweet). My mother made a lot of things, but this is something she […]

Mapo Eggplant Zucchini Noodles

I love variety of vegetables, but I do have favorites. Eggplant is one of the vegetables that I really enjoy, and whenever I see a dish made with eggplant on a restaurant menu, I almost always order it. (Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often. Apparently not many restaurants serve eggplant dishes…) I was lucky to […]

Vegetable Potstickers

This week has been a bit difficult week for me. My energy was low, and I didn’t have a lot of motivation to cook after work. I ate spaghetti four nights in a row, and none of them were great… Then, today I had this idea of making potstickers from scratch. It just came to […]

Chili Noodle Bowl

My husband is not a huge noodle eater, but recently I discovered that he does like “rice” noodles vs. wheat ones. Since I’m a huge noodle fan, now I make sure we have rice noodles in our house so that we can share noodle meals together. This is my recent favorite from Trader joe’s It’s […]

Tofu Stuffed Bitter Melon Tempura

  My bitter melon adventure continues. My first bitter melon dish, namul, did not fly. I could not eat more than a few bites, because it was too bitter. My next bitter melon dish was my previous post, smoothie. It was still a bit bitter, but the bitterness was surprisingly pleasant. Many people recommended tempura. […]

Bitter Melon Smoothie

Bitter melon is a popular summer vegetable in Japan. I’ve never tried it in Japan or in the U.S. But when I saw it at a local Asian grocery store, I decided to give it a try. This is what I got. I thought it was pretty reasonable. I initially made namul with it. My […]

Spicy Mango Pad Thai Spaghetti

Happy Wednesday! I started doing meal-prep a few weekends ago, and I’m loving it. It makes it so much easier to prepare weekday meals. Healthier. And less stress. However, it usually becomes challenging to create dinner that doesn’t make you feel like you are eating the same things over and over. I got to come […]