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Category Archives: Beans/Lentils

Creamy Mango Stew

The inspiration came from one product. It’s savory fermented mango sauce from Trader Joe’s. When I saw an Instagram friend’s post about this, I put it on my list right away. It has a beautiful orange color. Creamy. Slightly spicy. It has the undertone of mango, but it’s not sweet. But it definitely has the […]

Chickpea Salad Open Sandwich

Chickpeas are so versatile, and they can be used for so many different things. Especially since we started the plant-based diet, they are one of the most go-to items in my kitchen. I always keep several cans in my pantry, and I go through them quickly. The salad was made with chickpeas, olive salad, celery, […]

Tempeh Tacos with Kiwi Cilantro Sauce

Here is another way you can use ripe kiwi fruit. Make kiwi cilantro sauce and pour over tacos! I marinated tempeh overnight, and the big sweet-spicy flavor was fully absorbed and locked in when cooked. Blistered corn tortillas, avocado slices, sweet-spicy tempeh, lightly pickled radish, and kiwi cilantro sauce. YUM!

Fiesta Layered Torte

I don’t make a lot of Mexican food at home , but I do like to eat tacos once in a while. I try to find the smallest bag of tortillas, but it’s hard. The smallest bag still comes with way too many tortillas for the household of two. Although they are typically pretty reasonable, […]

Matcha Black Bean Waffles

Sundays are for waffles. And so many other things. Waffles are definitely one of the foods I enjoy on the weekend. I love anything with Matcha and waffles are no exception. This time I wanted something “whole-food” as well, and I decided to add some black beans. Just the ones from a can, quickly rinsed, […]

Broccoli Risotto with Mini Bok Choy and Lentils

I don’t know why, but any dish that looks green makes me smile. I guess it’s a happy color for me. These mini bok choy was from a local Asian grocery store. It was so fresh, cheap, and delicious! Broccoli risotto was accented with a little white miso that gave some richness to the flavor. […]

Potato Chickpea Curry with Roti

I like Indian food, especially curry. If I had to choose one country’s food to eat for the rest of my life (besides Japan’s), it may have to be Indian food. This smells so good. So does the whole kitchen! Actually, the main reason I made curry was I needed something that would go well […]

Taco Rice Plate

I happened to have all the right ingredients for tacos except for tortillas, so I decided to make taco rice. My taco tofu meat turned out great! I think I’m getting better and better at this. I made two kinds of sauce: avocado scallion and cheese. Got some toppings ready too. Taco rice was served […]

Home Alone Spaghetti

When I go grocery shopping, I’m pretty good at sticking with my list. But there are a few items that I impulsively purchase. Well, okra is one of them. It’s hard to find fresh okra at grocery stores, and when I found these beautiful ones at the farmers market this morning, I had to have […]

A.T. Natto Kimchi Pasta

One of the interesting things in the culinary world is that stinky things can be absolutely delicious. One example may be blue cheese. In order to appreciate those foods, you have to have an A.T. (acquired taste). Well, you need plenty to really enjoy this pasta. Although a lot of secrets about the Japanese cuisine […]