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Category Archives: Beans/Lentils

Happy Father’s Day

Our family got together at my brother-in-law’s house for the father’s day celebration today. Since my brother-in-law was cooking burgers and hot dogs, the rest of the members brought side dishes. These are the things I brought… Lemony Garbanzo Farro Salad. Veggies. As usual. I’ve learned that people (well, at least our family) eat more […]

T’s White Bean Soup

I like bean soup, but this white bean soup is my husband’s absolute favorite. We haven’t had it for a while, so when I received a formal request, I was happy to make it. I usually don’t add too much to my white bean soup, but this time I had this idea of putting a […]

Ogura Toast Flight

Ogura toast is a popular breakfast dish particularly in the area where I grew up. Many cafes called “kissa-ten” which is an old-styled coffee shop serve breakfast (for free!) if you order a cup of coffee during the “morning” hour, and if you’re lucky, you may get ogura toast. This time I decided to use […]

KYOTO Cinnamon Rolls

Any type of homemade rolls make an awesome weekend breakfast in my opinion. Cinnamon is always a good idea. This time I added homemade sweet red beans. My roll does not form perfectly, but that’s okay. A little imperfection is a charm in any homemade baked goods, right? When they were out of the oven, […]

Miyabi Scones

Scone is usually not my favorite baked goods to pick up from bakeries. They look and sound cool, but often times I get disappointed by its dryness. So I got very excited, because these scones turned out to be not only tasty but also nicely moist inside. This is something I’ve been somewhat obsessed about […]

Awesome V Meatloaf

Meatloaf was one of my husband’s favorite dishes when we were still eating meat. I totally forgot about even the existence of this dish, but a few weeks ago he talked about it, and I kind of took it as a challenge. I have actually made vegan meatloaf in the past, but it was not […]

Secret Garden Sushi Cake

Happy Easter! My husband got me these beautiful tulips. Tulip is one of my favorite flowers. It looks so good in my white kitchen. So for Easter, when it comes to food, it’s all about the pretty pastel colors, in my opinion. Ham is out. So, in that case, really anything goes, right? So what […]

Adzuki Brownies

We hear that our country has been becoming diverse. But when I saw “Adzuki” beans being sold at a regular (not an Asian store) grocery store, the word “diversity” really hit me. I almost couldn’t believe it! Adzuki beans are typically cooked to make sweet bean paste that has been a major part of traditional […]

Anything Goes Shakshuka

Shakshuka was one of my favorite weekend breakfast dishes. So when I switched to the 100% plant-based diet, I thought I would have to say good-bye to it forever. But once I became more confident in plant-cooking, I thought maybe I could still enjoy the dish with a little twist. So this shakshuka was made […]

Comin’ Home Baby Cottage Pie

Cottage pie has the word, “homey”, all over the dish. I’m not English, but I love cottage pie because of it’s the kind of dish I would love to come home for after a long day. The stew inside has lots of things I love, like lentils, cauliflower, and carrots. They were all cooked together […]