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Category Archives: Sweets

Eggless Macarons: Satsuma Chocolate; Raspberry; Matcha

Satsuma sweet potato ganache. Raspberry cashew cream cheese. Matcha cashew cream cheese. Love macarons. I already have ideas for my next batch!

Mocha Macarons

Remember my first vegan macarons? Well, since they turned out so well that I decided to make some again. It is not difficult, but it is a process. So I do need to plan the day well when I decide to make them. I used the same recipe, and they turned out wonderful, maybe even […]

Vegan Macarons II

This is the other version of vegan macarons I made last weekend. These have avocado chocolate mousse. The ones in the previous post had seedless raspberry jam. Yesterday I said these macarons were not perfect, but they actually BECAME perfect. Apparently, with some time they “matured”, and the process appeared to improve the whole texture!

Vegan Macarons

Today you can find a lot of good quality vegan baked goods, if you try hard looking for them. But vegan macarons are still hard to come by. French macaron was one of my favorite sweets before I switched to the plant-based diet. So when I saw this vegan macaron recipe, I had to try […]

Black Forest Pizza

Black forest cake is such a beautiful cake. I wasn’t in the mood for making a whole cake (it takes some mental preparation to do so (lol)), but I thought it would be fun to make something with the black forest cake “theme.” Chocolate (with a little coffee) pizza crust, with vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, […]

Lemon Melon Bread

Okay. This is my third time making melon bread. My first melon bread was this, and the second one was this. When I read what I had written about them, I realized that both times I said they were good but not the same as my mother’s. Guess what? This time I finally got my […]

Lemon Earl Grey Cake

This is my husband’s birthday week. I knew I wanted to get him a cake. After I went back and forth between “should I make one myself”” and “should I order from one of the local bakers?”, I decided to make him a homemade cake. His request was simple. “A lemon cake.” I needed a […]

Wabi-Sabi (Matcha-Kinako) Chia Pudding

For the first time I tried chia seeds, I was horrified by the gooey texture. That was many years ago. Looking other people’s beautiful chia pudding pictures, however, I was still interested and kept telling myself “someday.” The “someday” came this weekend. Last time (and my only time) I tried, I probably put too much, […]

Red Cookies

I usually modify recipes purposely because I want to experiment. But this time it happened out of necessity. The recipe called for apple sauce, but I didn’t have it. The closest thing I could think of that I had was pickled beets in a jar. So that’s what went into these cookies. These turned out […]

Strawberry Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

Who doesn’t like the white chocolate and strawberry combination?! It’s a match made in heaven. I was afraid that the chocolate chips might melt while baking, so I decided to put them right out of the oven, when the cookies were still hot. Soft. Chewy. So good!!