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Category Archives: Sweets

Flourless Mocha Cake

  When non-vegan friend invites us to her house for home-made vegan dinner, I make sure I bring the dessert that will surely please her. I know she likes chocolate, and based on my dining experience with her, I don’t think she particularly likes anything flour-dense. So I thought flourless chocolate cake would be a […]

Paris Scones

Do you want to know why these are named “Paris Scones”? I’m a big fan of Harney & Sons tea. Delicious blends. And the tins! I don’t know what to do with it, but I’m keeping this tin after I finish the tea. When I first saw this, I was intrigued. It just says “Paris”. […]

Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

I try not to make too many sweets, because if I have them around, I eat them until they are gone. But craving for sweets does come once in a while, and when it does, I want to eat quality sweets, which often means “homemade” instead of something from bags. These Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate […]

Rhubarb Blueberry Brownies

The rhubarb season arrived suddenly. I didn’t remember exactly their season is. But I was visiting my mother-in-law last week, and when she told me to go to her backyard and pick some up, I thought it was a bit early for rhubarb (or any vegetables/fruits) to be ready to be harvested in Minnesota. But […]

Vanilla Cardamom Mini Bundt Cake

I’ve been wanting to make mini bundt cake for a while. But I couldn’t decide which pans to get. A few weeks ago I finally found something I liked. This is from Pampered Chef. The back has the beautiful teal color. The cake was flavored with vanilla and cardamom. Lemon glaze. Freeze-dried raspberries. Thyme. I […]

Kiwi Bread

I took a little break from posting foods with kiwi, but here is another one. Kiwi bread. This surprisingly turned out well and maintained the refreshing kiwi flavor. Since my husband doesn’t like banana bread, I may make it again next time I have craving for this type of quick bread. I used this recipe […]

Sunflower Butter Biscoff Ice Cream

This is the BEST ice cream I’ve ever eaten. It’s ridiculously good. My husband has been making ice cream quite regularly the past several months. This was rather created by accident. He wanted to make peanut butter ice cream, but we were out of peanut butter. So he decided to do with sunflower seed butter […]

Oni-Monster Manju

Manju is a general term for traditional Japanese confection. This particular manju is called “Oni Manju.” Oni is a supernatural fictional demon that often appears in traditional Japanese folk tales. Why this has the name “oni” is unknown, but the rough look seems to have something to do with it. The typical Oni Manju is […]

Rum Chocolate Mousse Pie Sandwich

I had a pastry sheet I needed to use up quickly. I was in a mood for something sweet, and I came up with this. The main ingredient of the mousse is avocado! It works wonderfully. A couple of avocados were blended with rum, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and coffee. So delicious!

Cardamom Orange Mocha Marble Muffins

You get a food idea, and you picture what the end result should look like. But it always doesn’t work out that way. I just bought a bag of Cara Cara oranges which are my favorite orange. They looked pretty good before baking already. These turned out exactly what I hoped they would! (And it […]