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Category Archives: Sweets

Tofu Donuts – Cinnamon Sugar

Believe it or not, I’m not a big fan of donuts. No, that’s not the right statement. I should say, I’m very particular when it comes to donuts, so it’s hard to find ones that I like. I have been in a mood for donuts lately, but the ones I buy from stores never satisfy […]

Gateau Invisible

This is originally from France, but it’s a popular cake in Japan as well. It’s a custard-like cake packed with apple slices. The cake has this name “invisible” because it is hard to see apples. I lined the apple slices in the wrong way, so it’s a bit visually unimpressive. But it was delicious!! Next […]

Pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Rum Icing

I made pumpkin cookies, per my hubby’s request. He is usually pretty laid-back when he asks me to make something, but this time he was quite specific about his preferred texture. He made it very clear that he wanted “chewy” not “cakey” cookies. It was funny he said that because when I really thought about […]

Crispy Red bean Buns

I shared my story about Chinese steamed buns in my previous post. Since I was making dough myself, I decided to make another version, sweet red beans. These buns are so tasty, either savory or sweet. I can’t decide which is my favorite because they are both so good. They are so pretty (pre-cooking) that […]

Matcha and Coffee Daifuku

I always keep a can of sweet red beans in my pantry. It’s my favorite, and I know once I open a can, I will have a hard time stopping eating the whole thing. So I resist it as long as I can. Last weekend I was finally ready to have some, and after giving […]

Sweet Potato Mont Blanc Cake

Mont Blanc is a mountain to most people. But in Japan when people hear “Mont Blanc,” it could also mean a cake! Mont Blanc cake is traditionally made with chestnut cream. This time I decided to use sweet potatoes because I happened to have some and the color was beautiful. I did decorate the came […]

Lemon Thyme Olive Oil Cake

Weekend is here! That means I got to bake. This cake features lemon and thyme flavors. But the ingredient I was most excited about was this. Olive oil from Italy! A friend recently took a trip to Italy and brought it back for us. The cake was moist but not dense. It was sliced and […]

Eggless Macarons: Satsuma Chocolate; Raspberry; Matcha

Satsuma sweet potato ganache. Raspberry cashew cream cheese. Matcha cashew cream cheese. Love macarons. I already have ideas for my next batch!

Mocha Macarons

Remember my first vegan macarons? Well, since they turned out so well that I decided to make some again. It is not difficult, but it is a process. So I do need to plan the day well when I decide to make them. I used the same recipe, and they turned out wonderful, maybe even […]

Vegan Macarons II

This is the other version of vegan macarons I made last weekend. These have avocado chocolate mousse. The ones in the previous post had seedless raspberry jam. Yesterday I said these macarons were not perfect, but they actually BECAME perfect. Apparently, with some time they “matured”, and the process appeared to improve the whole texture!