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Category Archives: Sweets

Sunflower Butter Biscoff Ice Cream

This is the BEST ice cream I’ve ever eaten. It’s ridiculously good. My husband has been making ice cream quite regularly the past several months. This was rather created by accident. He wanted to make peanut butter ice cream, but we were out of peanut butter. So he decided to do with sunflower seed butter […]

Oni-Monster Manju

Manju is a general term for traditional Japanese confection. This particular manju is called “Oni Manju.” Oni is a supernatural fictional demon that often appears in traditional Japanese folk tales. Why this has the name “oni” is unknown, but the rough look seems to have something to do with it. The typical Oni Manju is […]

Rum Chocolate Mousse Pie Sandwich

I had a pastry sheet I needed to use up quickly. I was in a mood for something sweet, and I came up with this. The main ingredient of the mousse is avocado! It works wonderfully. A couple of avocados were blended with rum, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and coffee. So delicious!

Cardamom Orange Mocha Marble Muffins

You get a food idea, and you picture what the end result should look like. But it always doesn’t work out that way. I just bought a bag of Cara Cara oranges which are my favorite orange. They looked pretty good before baking already. These turned out exactly what I hoped they would! (And it […]

Strawberry Lemon Basil Scones

There are a lot of things I enjoy making on weekend, and scone is definitely one of them. It’s so easy, and it takes no time from start to finish. There are endless combinations of flavors. These are strawberry, lemon, and basil. Last weekend when we had a family gathering, many people said “lemon” is […]

Amazake Spring Steamed Buns

It’s one day early, but tomorrow March 3rd is “Momo-No-Sekku”, or the girls celebration day in Japan. Because of the time of the year we usually celebrate with things that indicate the beginning of spring. Lots of pastel colors, particularly pink, are used, from home décor to food that day. Inspired by the Sakura (cherry […]

Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream

This is one a few things you see in my blog that was not made by me or eaten at a restaurant. This ice cream was made by my husband from start to finish. He is a big ice cream fan. Today there are actually a lot of vegan ice cream options you can buy, […]

Chocolate Red Wine Heart Cake

Since Valentine’s Day lands on Thursday this year, we decided to celebrate two weekends, before and after. So last weekend for our celebration part one I wanted to make a chocolate cake for us to enjoy. I did a little google research to see if I could make my cake heart-shaped without buying a heart […]

Clementine Jasmine Blondies

My husband travels often for business. Since I work full-time also, we don’t talk much during the day. But he never fails to let me know when someone gives him interesting food ideas or recipes even when he is away from home. When he told me about this recipe, I had to try it. I […]

Berry Custard Pastry

I had frozen puff pastry sheet in my freezer I wanted to use up. My neighbor just gave me ripe strawberries that needed to be eaten fast. And I recently got to make vegan custard cream successfully. Why not putting all together? First, the puff pastry. Perfectly light and flaky. Thick custard cream first. And […]