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Category Archives: Sweets

Ginger Plum Galette

It seems a bit early for the plum season, but the grocery store near our house has been carrying beautiful plums the past few weeks, and I had to get them. This time I used one of these black plums and one lemon plum. This turned out beautiful! I love galette’s rustic look. I knew […]

Black Plum Vanilla Muffins

Mufffins, muffins, muffins! I’ve been having so much fun baking muffins lately. I love everything about them, from making them, eating them, looking at them, to just thinking about them (lol). I found these beautiful black plums at the local grocery store, and I added them to my muffins. They were so delicious! Loved the […]

Raspberry Walnut Brownies

Vegan and gluten-free brownies. Made of rice flour. It was okay when out of the oven, but it was SO GOOD after refrigerated overnight. The texture changes in a major way. This is great for my coffee time.

Rice Gateau au Chocolat

Another fun recipe from Ms. Shiori. Isn’t this cake beautiful? Who knew, the major ingredient of this cake is rice, not rice “flour.” It was not too heavy and not too light. And perfectly moist. I enjoyed it with whipped coconut cream. Scrumptious!

Lemon Cardamom Banana Cake

I found a banana in my produce basket that I had totally forgotten about. I do eat bananas, but if I eat one fresh, I prefer it at the slightly under-ripe stage. So this one I found needed to be used for baking. I like banana cake, but I like to brighten up the flavor […]

Caramel Tea Rice Muffins

I loved the rice bread (made from rice, not from rice flour) so much that I decided to try another recipe from the same recipe developer. Yes, these muffins were made of rice as well. The result was absolutely amazing! They are soft, moist, and perfectly (and not overly) sweet. These muffins are so good […]

Monkey Muffins

So we had 12-year-old twin nephews overnight last weekend. They are picky eaters, but I know they both like sweets. I wasn’t sure how long they were going to stay the second day, but I wanted to be prepared to have all the ingredients if I wanted to make something sweet for them. Well, every […]

Vegan Cheesecake

Since I started the plant-based diet, there have been a lot of surprises. Meat dishes without meat, fish dishes without fish, and egg dishes without eggs, they all exist. By now I know so many delicious things can be made with plant-based ingredients. But I’m still amazed that a delicious cheesecake can be made without […]

Vegan Gluten-Free Maple Cream Puffs

I was not happy with my first attempt, so I had to try this again. I made a few changes, and I already knew by the firmer consistency of the batter that I was going to have a better result this time even before I put them in the oven. And I was right! I’m […]

Sweet Bean Paste

Sweet bean paste is very popular in Japan. Using beans for dessert/sweets may sound strange to Westerners, but it’s something many Japanese people who live outside Japan crave. There are three main types of sweet bean paste. One is “Tsubuan.” It’s typically made of Azuki beans. It’s the chunky type, and you keep the beans […]