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Category Archives: Sweets

Clementine Jasmine Blondies

My husband travels often for business. Since I work full-time also, we don’t talk much during the day. But he never fails to let me know when someone gives him interesting food ideas or recipes even when he is away from home. When he told me about this recipe, I had to try it. I […]

Berry Custard Pastry

I had frozen puff pastry sheet in my freezer I wanted to use up. My neighbor just gave me ripe strawberries that needed to be eaten fast. And I recently got to make vegan custard cream successfully. Why not putting all together? First, the puff pastry. Perfectly light and flaky. Thick custard cream first. And […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I was pretty set on having savory breakfast this morning. But once I get some idea, I have a hard time not trying it right away. I had these beautiful mint leaves in the fridge, and I thought it would be fun to make pancakes with this fresh mint. And what would be better than […]

BCP-Inspired Birthday Cake

Our non-vegan neighbor/friend invited us for a homemade plant-based chili dinner, and I offered to bring a dessert. She implied that we should celebrate her belated birthday, and I was happy to make a birthday cake for her. When asked what type of cake she typically likes, she said she usually likes cupcakes that are […]

Lingonberry Pie

I made this pie when I saw my friend’s picture of his cranberry pie. It looked so good, and I wanted to make something similar. But I didn’t have cranberries. I didn’t have cranberries, but I had lingonberry jam. I thought that would create the similar color and the tartness I was looking for. This […]

Rustic Chai Scones

Scones are not only easy to make but also fun to think about what flavors to add. These scones are packed with chai spices and Assam tea leaves. So delicious with my homemade vegan butter! I didn’t make a lot, and they were gone in no time. Next time I will definitely double the recipe!

Anniversary Matcha Cake

The middle of December is a busy time for us. There is my birthday and then there is our anniversary! Since I made vanilla berry cake for my birthday not long ago, I wanted something very different from it. With my husband’s suggestion “Matcha,” here it is Matcha Cake. This is a one layer vanilla […]

Vanilla Berry Cake

This is my birthday week, and I was going to ask my husband to order a cake for me. But after checking to see what kind of vegan cakes are available, I decided to make my own birthday cake. I wanted my cake to be white. Vanilla flavored cake sponge with vanilla flavored frosting. Then […]

Mocha Brownies

Brownies are one of ultimate American sweets, and I LOVE them. There are several criteria to meet my ideal brownies, and a shiny cracked top is one of them. The other criteria may include moist inside, and richness in flavor, yet, no over-sweetness. I also like chocolate chips inside as well. These brownies were tasty […]

Persimmon Galette with Brandy Cream

Persimmon has become easier to find in the U.S. lately. The last few years I’ve been able to find it at Costco. It’s one of the most popular fruits this time of the year (fall-winter) in Japan. My parents actually have a persimmon tree in their yard, and they harvest hundreds of them every year. […]