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Category Archives: Breakfast

Matcha White Chocolate Scones

I love anything with Matcha. But it goes so well particularly well white chocolate. So when I found vegan white chocolate, I knew this is what I wanted to make. It melts well over double boiler, and it drizzled beautifully over the scones. Love the green color! A few more days until the weekend!!

Lemon Lavender Pancakes

We met with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend for lunch yesterday in a city about one hour from our house. After lunch we decided to stop at a natural food store to see if we could find something interesting. My husband found a vegan blueberry pancake mix, and he was about to buy it. I’m […]

Rustic Chai Scones

Scones are not only easy to make but also fun to think about what flavors to add. These scones are packed with chai spices and Assam tea leaves. So delicious with my homemade vegan butter! I didn’t make a lot, and they were gone in no time. Next time I will definitely double the recipe!

Rustic Scones with Cheddar and Arugula

I was in the mood for country-style rustic scones. I used whole wheat flour for one-third of the flour. I knew I wanted to make cheddar scones, because I still had beautiful homemade vegan cheddarleft. But then I saw a bag of fresh arugula, and I thought this green would go well with the bright […]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

The fall is gone, and the winter is here, but I’m glad that pumpkin stays. Love any type of cinnamon rolls, but this time of the year the pumpkin version seems the winner. They were dressed with maple glaze. So delicious! Recommended beverage: strong black coffee.

Earl Grey Pancakes

Sunday morning is a good time for pancakes! But you know me. I can’t just make plain pancakes. So I go to my tea bar and try to find something that would spice up our breakfast. Earl grey is a good tea to drink, but it’s a wonderful tea to use for baking. Here is […]

Sunshine Plant Quiche

There are many awesome dishes for a weekend brunch. But quiche makes every brunch a bit special. Well, when you have a cool French name like quiche, you get treated a bit special, right? (lol) I don’t make quiche a lot, but I just recently bought a pan that’s perfect for quiche. I found it […]

Rustic Wabi-Sabi Scones

I was in the mood for Japanese flavored scones. Made two versions. This one is Kinako (roasted soy bean powder) and black sesame. This one is Matcha almond. I added some whole wheat flour, and the results were pretty rustic-looking, just the way I wanted. They were perfect when served with my homemade plant-based butter. […]

Country Autumn Muffins

Last weekend I made muffins because… I got Baker’s Field‘s flour! Baker’s Field is a local bakers that bake bread AND mill flour for other bakers. When I first tried their bread at Fig and Farro, a vegetarian restaurant, I absolutely loved it. Then I quickly found out that they sell their bread at selected […]

Piled High Breakfast Sandwich

When it comes to the sandwich, I’m all for “the higher, the better”. My husband and I used to like to get the sausage breakfast sandwich in the skyway. It was delicious. I’m not a huge fan of “fake meat”, but I liked their sandwich because their vegan sausage was house-made. So when I found […]