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Category Archives: Breakfast

Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

Good morning everyone. I was in a mood for a waffle for breakfast this morning, but I didn’t want my meal to be sweet, but savory. So this is what I came up with. Breakfast sandwich. Waffle, salad leaves, tomato slices, teriyaki tempeh “bacon,” vegan omelette, and vegan mayo. It looks big, but not heavy. […]

Black Plum Vanilla Muffins

Mufffins, muffins, muffins! I’ve been having so much fun baking muffins lately. I love everything about them, from making them, eating them, looking at them, to just thinking about them (lol). I found these beautiful black plums at the local grocery store, and I added them to my muffins. They were so delicious! Loved the […]

Omelette Waffles

Making omelet in a waffle maker! When I saw my Instagram friend’s story yesterday, I wanted to try it myself, in a vegan version. Homemade vegan steak. I cut it into small pieces and sautéed. Hash browns. Both go on the waffle maker. And then “egg” mixture (tofu, turmeric, cumin, sugar, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, […]

Weekend Breakfast

Good morning. I was not at the best condition yesterday, but today I’m feeling so much better and I’m ready to spend more time in the kitchen today. I don’t know why I felt the way I did yesterday. Maybe it was the stress related to all that is happening right now. But I try […]

Breakfast Sandwich

Colorful meals are always a good idea. But particularly for breakfast. Homemade vegan steak. Toasted homemade Shokupan Pullman bread, homemade vegan mayo, homemade vegan steak, scrambled tofu, tomato slices, and arugula.

Caramel Tea Rice Muffins

I loved the rice bread (made from rice, not from rice flour) so much that I decided to try another recipe from the same recipe developer. Yes, these muffins were made of rice as well. The result was absolutely amazing! They are soft, moist, and perfectly (and not overly) sweet. These muffins are so good […]

Coverig-(almomst)All-the-Bases Breakfast

Today a lot of people are on a special diet. Well, I’m one of them. This breakfast plate is perfect for those on the whole-food plant-based diet (like myself), but this also covers many other types of diet. Gluten-free toast. Rice (no flour) Bread. Shungiku Salad. Along with the rice bread toast and Shungiku salad […]

Monkey Muffins

So we had 12-year-old twin nephews overnight last weekend. They are picky eaters, but I know they both like sweets. I wasn’t sure how long they were going to stay the second day, but I wanted to be prepared to have all the ingredients if I wanted to make something sweet for them. Well, every […]

Kinako Matcha Waffles with Okinawa “Black” Sugar Syrup

We had our nephews overnight last night. These 12-year-old boys can be picky about food, and we usually take them out for meals so that they can get what they want. But I do make them breakfast. The first thing in the morning, my question for them is always the same, “Pancakes or waffles?” I […]

Sweet Black Bean and Butter Toast

Sweet bean and butter toast is one of the specialties in Nagoya, where I’m from. It’s super easy to make if you have sweet beans prepared. Place sweet beans (usually Azuki, but this time I used black beans) and butter on a toast. That’s it. My Shoku-pan, Japanese Pullman loaf, was perfect for this. And […]