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Category Archives: Drinks

Bitter Melon Smoothie

Bitter melon is a popular summer vegetable in Japan. I’ve never tried it in Japan or in the U.S. But when I saw it at a local Asian grocery store, I decided to give it a try. This is what I got. I thought it was pretty reasonable. I initially made namul with it. My […]

Kuro-Mame Tea

  I posted something I brought back from Japan in the previous post. This is another thing that came back with me from Japan. (You can tell I like tea!) This tea is supposed to be vary good for your health, but it really doesn’t matter much, because I really like the taste anyway. This […]

Sakura Cherry Blossom Tea

I forgot about this tea that I bought when I was in Japan last time. But as soon as I realized that it was March 1st today, I knew I had something perfect to celebrate this beginning of spring. These are salted Sakura (cherry) flowers. You quickly rinse them with water, and then you just […]

Morning Golden Spiced Milk

This is probably my ideal way to start my day. It’s hot soy milk with Ama-zake and spices (turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom). Ama-zake is a traditional Japanese sweet beverage. It’s made from fermented rice. Although it’s called “zake (sake)”, it doesn’t always contain alcohol. There are two ways to make ama-zake, in one way you end […]

Cold Brew Green Tea

We drink a lot of green tea at our house. “Ready for tea?” in the morning usually means “are you ready to get out of bed?” In the morning we like our tea hot, but during the day iced green tea is refreshing, especially during summer. My mother actually told me about cold brew green […]

Pretty in Pink Strawberry Milk Sake

This may look too pretty to drink, but I guarantee you will finish it in no time! This pretty pink sake drink is sweet, refreshing, and as well as pretty… Just a perfect little drink for a little get together with your girlfriends. What are in this delightful drink? Strawberries syrup (strawberries, sugar), almond milk, […]


The color of cantaloupe is just so pretty. It screams “princess”! The ingredients are simple: cantaloupe pureed with sugar and lemon juice, vodka, and seltzer. I like cantaloupe, but I usually hesitate to buy one, because some of them are just not sweet at all, and there is no way to know before you buy […]