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Category Archives: Salad

Kale Blueberry Caesar Salad

I had beautiful fresh kale leaves, and I wanted to enjoy it for lunch. The best way to do so? Salad! I also happened to have a lot of super sweet fresh blueberries, and I decided to combine them both and make Caesar salad. Kale, blueberries, and cucumber slices, all combined well with garlicky, cheesy, […]

Get Lucky Green Bowl

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am celebrating with this awesome green bowl this year. Very straight forward. All green veggies (arugula, cabbage, okra, broccoli, and peas) and spinach rice. Served with cilantro mayo. How are you celebrating? I also made Triple Green Mini Doughnut Sandwiches. Green juice is in the doughnuts and icing, and spinach […]

Orange Panzanella

It was many man years ago when I learned about panzanella for the first time. That was when one of my then favorite TV chefs, Michael Chiarello, was making it. I was initially skeptical about using bread for salad like this, but when I actually tried it, I fell in love. I forgot about it […]

V-Steak Blue Cheese Salad

Before I switched to the plant-based diet, the combination of steak and blue cheese was one of my favorites. But now I can make vegan steak, and I decided to re-create the flavors again. Doesn’t this look beautiful? By the way, the blue cheese is also homemade and plant-based. This is delicious as well. Love […]

C-Steak Dinner

Do I still eat steak, you ask? Well, I do. I eat cauliflower steak! And it’s so much easier to cook this steak than meat. It’s so delicious that everyone should try it at least once. I’m from Japan, so of course I love rice, but I also like other kinds of grains, like this […]

Birthday Party with Tacos!

Today we had an official birthday party for my husband. Celebrated it with the family, and it was great to see everyone. It was originally my mother-in-law’s idea, and she even offered her place for the party. Since my husband always tells me not to throw a surprise party, so I didn’t hide the plan […]

Mamma Mia Spaghetti Dinner

Who doesn’t like spaghetti dinner?! I grew up in Japan, but “Spaghetti with Meat Sauce” was definitely on top of my list. Since we don’t eat meat anymore, the preparation for the “meat sauce” takes a bit longer. First I make a meatloaf, and then I crumble it into smaller pieces. So, Spaghetti with Meat […]

Veggie Carpaccio

Carpaccio is always a great way to showcase seasonal produce. It’s such a light dish, so it can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a snack. This was what I got from the local farmers market. The colors are just amazing! You can hand-cut them, but a slicer makes the process so much easier. You […]

Happy Father’s Day

Our family got together at my brother-in-law’s house for the father’s day celebration today. Since my brother-in-law was cooking burgers and hot dogs, the rest of the members brought side dishes. These are the things I brought… Lemony Garbanzo Farro Salad. Veggies. As usual. I’ve learned that people (well, at least our family) eat more […]