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Lemon Thyme Olive Oil Cake

Weekend is here! That means I got to bake. This cake features lemon and thyme flavors. But the ingredient I was most excited about was this. Olive oil from Italy! A friend recently took a trip to Italy and brought it back for us. The cake was moist but not dense. It was sliced and […]

Turmeric Bread

I’m still not 100%, but since we are out of bread, I decided to make some for tomorrow’s breakfast. Turmeric is one of the spices I buy in a big container because I use it a lot. Interestingly, I’ve never made this type of crusty bread with turmeric, and I was excited to make one. […]

Vegan Fish and Chips

Who knew you can still enjoy Fish and Chips as a plant eater?! And this plant-based fried fish is absolutely delicious!! I didn’t know the existence of something called “banana blossoms” until I saw a friend’s Instagram picture where she was posting her vegan fish and chips. It doesn’t have a strong flavor, I wanted […]

Mom’s Apple Bread

I had a few apples sitting on our kitchen counter. I was staring at them for a while, and then the idea hit me. I wanted to eat the apple bread that my mom used to make when I was growing up. I emailed and asked my mother to send me the recipe, and I […]

Taro Croquette Sandwich

I’ve been going to the local Asian grocery store, Ha Tien Supermarket, almost weekly since they opened. I don’t do all my grocery shopping there, but I go there rather for certain specific things. One of the things I like to look at in the store is their potato/squash section. They have a wide variety […]

Farmers Market Heirloom Tomato Tart

It’s still August, but it definitely feels like the end of summer here in Minnesota, especially when you are out early in the morning. So when I found the beautiful heirloom tomatoes at the local farmers market, I had to get some. Heirloom tomatoes are something that screams summer to me, and I wanted to […]