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Category Archives: Bread

2019 Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is the main dish of this year. Mushroom stuffed vegan roast. Isn’t it beautiful? This homemade roast was so good!! (so much better than store-bought ones.) Glazed Satsuma sweet potatoes with black sesames. Sauteed broccolini with crushed red pepper. Corn bread. Kale persimmon salad. Salad is traditionally a part of Thanksgiving dinner, […]

Flaky Wheat Bread

I always lived with my parents until I left to go to college in the U.S. at age 25. One of the things we would do together as a family was going to the library every Sunday morning. Everyone in my family was an avid reader. When I moved to Minnesota, initially I didn’t have […]

Wild Rice Cranberry Seed Rosemary Crusty Rolls

Well, I still had some leftover cooked wild rice. So I decided to add some to crusty rolls. I also added dry cranberries, sunflower seeds, and chopped fresh rosemary. I love how they turned out. The rustic look is just irresistible. Just because I wanted to try it right out of the oven, I skipped […]

Calville Blanc Almond Ring

I could call it “Apple Almond Ring.” But since the apples I used had a beautiful name like “Calville Blanc,” I had to use it. Yesterday we went for a drive because it was such a beautiful day. Our destination was a local orchard called Sweetland Orchard. We got to sample various apples, and we […]

Cinnamon Mocha Twists

These were fun to make! The bread was flavored with one of my favorite combinations, cinnamon, coffee, and cocoa. So good!! They look elegant on my white x blue plate. Aren’t the layers beautiful? Pictured together with pumpkin black sesame and raspberry lemon twist buns.  

Pumpkin Black Sesame Twist Buns

Twist buns are a lot of fun to make. It’s not hard to make, but they look so adorable. They are as delicious and pretty. And seasonally very appropriate. Right?

Raspberry Lemon Twist Rolls

No one can argue that presentation is important. When it comes to food, the same dish can taste better when presented in a beautiful way. And the first impression. Food that looks beautiful or unique gives me such excitement. I wanted to try making this twist roll for a while, and I finally decided to […]

German Pretzels

Seasons and seasonal events are always a good inspiration. Well, it’s October… October Fest… Germany… German Pretzels… Forming the dough into these shapes was so much fun! These turned out beautiful!! They were delicious as they were, but my husband loved dipping them into the vegan cheese sauce I made. They were so good! My […]

Olive Oil from Italy

A friend of ours recently took a trip to Italy. While she was there, she visited an olive farm, where she got to sample some olive oil. She had some oil shipped home, and got us this beautifully packaged one. To enjoy the oil, so I baked some crusty bread to dip into the oil. […]

Hijiki Buns and SFB&J Buns

I made these buns a while ago but forgot to make a post about them. This is a Hijiki seaweed and carrot bun. And this is a Sunflower butter and jam bun. Both were so good. You can take one of each with you for lunch. The Hijiki one will be your meal, and the […]