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Category Archives: Bread

Soft Rolls

Baked some rolls last weekend. Love how they look and feel. I can’t wait to make sandwiches with these.

Cinnamon Rice Bread

Rice bread with cinnamon. Smells so good.

Sunshine Rice Bread

Here is an arranged version of the rice bread. I added one of my favorite spices, turmeric. This bright yellow color is exactly what I wanted. This rice bread is so soft and moist, and we absolutely love it. It has become a staple at our house. I had a little extra dough, and I […]

Okinawa Black Sugar Matcha Toast

I toasted the two-layered Matcha rice bread, spread homemade vegan butter, and sprinkled Okinawa black sugar on top. DELICIOUS!!

Two-Layered Matcha Rice Bread

This is a Matcha version of rice bread. I made it two-layered, with the plain bottom and Matcha top. The Matcha part resulted in a little different texture from the plain part. But overall I was happy with the result.

Rice (No Flour) Bread

Making bread using rice flour has become increasingly popular with the jump in demand for gluten-free bread in the United States in the recent years. It’s the same in Japan as well, but rice flour bread seems to appeal to not only gluten-free dieters but also to a larger population, mostly because of their all-time […]

Cheesy Garlic Chive Bread

Usually I know exactly what I want to do in the kitchen, but once in a while I need some idea. The other day I knew I wanted to bake bread with garlic chive, but I wasn’t sure what I should pair it with. When I asked for advice, my husband said “cheese.” Hmmm, that’s […]

Sweet Black Bean and Butter Toast

Sweet bean and butter toast is one of the specialties in Nagoya, where I’m from. It’s super easy to make if you have sweet beans prepared. Place sweet beans (usually Azuki, but this time I used black beans) and butter on a toast. That’s it. My Shoku-pan, Japanese Pullman loaf, was perfect for this. And […]

Sweet Black Bean Buns and Raspberry Bean Buns

When I made the sweet beans (previous post), I knew I wanted to make stuffed buns with them as filling. I made ones with the sweet black bean smooth paste, and the others with the raspberry bean paste. Some sake-kasu (sake lees) was added to the buns, which gave the bread subtle yet interesting flavor […]

Soft Shokupan Pullman Loaf

Time to make Shokupan again. I’ve been tweaking the recipe for a while, but this one turned out really great. It’s always exciting to tear the bread open like this. Can you see how soft it is? I was very happy with how the crust turned out too. It was still very soft when cooled. […]