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Category Archives: Bread

Beet Bagel with Herbed Feta and Lingonberry Jam

Good morning! I always like bright colors on my plate, but they make me happy particularly when I see them in my breakfast. It makes me feel that I’m starting my day right. Homemade beet bagel, homemade vegan herbed feta cheese, and lingonberry jam from World Market. The tanginess and herbal flavors from the cheese […]

Strawberry Crusty Bread

I have made crusty bread like this with different flavors. Since strawberries are in season, it was so natural to make a strawberry version. They turned out well. From outside you can’t really tell, but once you slice it, yes, it has the color and the smell that is unmistakably strawberry. I thought this cinnamon-maple […]

Earth Lover’s Bagels
Earth Lover’s ベーグル三種

A long weekend means more time in the kitchen. More time in the kitchen means that I can be a bit more adventurous. I was not a huge bagel fan, but that changed when I made some myself at home. Homemade bagels are just wonderful, and once you experience it, there is no going back […]

V English Muffins with Mother’s Kumquat Jam

I have made English muffins at home one time. It was a success, but it was before we became 100% plant-eaters. So I was a bit nervous, but I did use the same recipe and made a few minor changes to make them vegan this time. English muffins are really fun to make. I love […]

Broccoli Omelette Feta Sandwich

I forgot to post this. I made this sandwich a little while ago. It was one of those rare moments when I happened to have everything to make a perfect sandwich! I had soft buns. Broccoli shiso omelette fritters. Herbed feta cheese. And vegan mayo (no pic). All of these were freshly home-made. Each component […]

Purple Potato Swirl Bread with Black Beans

Certain food makes me excited. Purple potato is one of such foods, and when I see the beautiful purple color, I want to create something to show off the beauty. This was super fun to make, and it’s not as difficult as it may look. This bread is not only pretty but also very tasty. […]

Tropical Smashed Meatball Sandwich

Even in Minnesota it is getting warm, and now I think it is okay to enjoy food that brings a tropical mood. Last weekend my husband and I were planning to have a dinner outside on the patio with our neighbor friend, and I thought it would be fun to have a casual sandwich dinner. […]

Pear Arugula Sandwich

American sandwiches tend to be “saucy” (or/and “cheesy”), and don’t get me wrong, I like those. But once in a while I get craving for more “dry” type of sandwich, which I grew up with in Japan. They also remind me of some sandwiches my friends from France used to often make. I don’t buy […]

Kiwi Ginger Jam on Bagel

I was in a mood for kiwi fruit, but the smallest package I could find was 2 lb. So you will see kiwi a lot in the next several posts. First, I made kiwi ginger jam. Loved the flavor combination. I enjoyed it on my bagel for breakfast. A hearty bagel, thick spread of butter, […]

Mom’s Apple Bread

I had a few apples sitting on our kitchen counter. I was staring at them for a while, and then the idea hit me. I wanted to eat the apple bread that my mom used to make when I was growing up. I emailed and asked my mother to send me the recipe, and I […]