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Category Archives: Bread

Green Bagel Sandwich

I still had some bagels I got from a farmers market in the freezer, and I decided to make a sandwich for breakfast. I had craving for something fresh and refreshing, and I decided to use a lot of “green” ingredients. A thick layer of cashew cream cheese was spread on the beautiful artisan poppy […]

Curry Buns

Curry bun is one of popular stuffed buns in Japan. I made a big pot of curry, so I thought it was time to make some. Curry buns are traditionally deep-fried, but I decided to bake them in the oven this time. Very happy with the result.

Earl Grey Cardamom Nectarine Toast

This is a great time of the year for someone like me who loves stone fruit. I like them all, but my favorite is probably nectarine. When I look at the shelf where peaches, nectarines, and plums are displayed next to one another, I typically go for the nectarine, mostly because when it comes to […]

Melon Bread: Matcha & Raspberry

Melon bread is a popular Japanese bread. This is basically a sweet bun with crunchy cookie-like top. I’ve talked about melon bread before. Orange Melon Bread. Vanilla and Raspberry. Lemon. The type of this bread is called melon bread (my mother always makes them with melon flavor), but you can make them with any flavor […]

Bialy and V-Sausage Gravy

I think I discovered a new favorite. Bialy and Gravy! This was my first Bialy experience. I found it at a farmers market, and I had to try it. It is quite substantial and chewy like bagel, but much lighter. I enjoyed it as it was, but I thought it would be fun to serve […]

Carrot Ginger Bread with Cranberries

Time to bake bread. Carrot Ginger. Carrot Ginger Cranberry. Now I need to make vegan butter.

Black Bean Walnut Matcha Bread

This is one of my favorites. Black beans, walnuts, and Matcha. How can it be not good, right? It was beautiful inside and out. You can see how well it’s packed with beans and nuts. It was great with a thick spread of my homemade vegan butter. But you can make it special by pouring […]

Turmeric Bread

I’m still not 100%, but since we are out of bread, I decided to make some for tomorrow’s breakfast. Turmeric is one of the spices I buy in a big container because I use it a lot. Interestingly, I’ve never made this type of crusty bread with turmeric, and I was excited to make one. […]

Lemon Melon Bread

Okay. This is my third time making melon bread. My first melon bread was this, and the second one was this. When I read what I had written about them, I realized that both times I said they were good but not the same as my mother’s. Guess what? This time I finally got my […]

Vanilla and Raspberry Melon Bread

“Melon Pain” or melon bread is a popular type of bread in Japan. Slightly sweet soft bun wrapped with sweet crunchy cookie. You will see the lines on top, which mimics the melon-like look. My mother would make melon bread for us, but hers always had melon flavor from melon extract. But today you will […]