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My Favorite Restaurants in the Twin Cities Area


Seward Cafe

One of my favorite places for brunch. Their biscuits and gravy (with broccoli) and vegan bagel sandwich are our go-to dishes.

Modern Times
Another great place for brunch. Unfortunately, this place is super popular, and on weekends people line up before they open their door. It’s not a large place, and I would recommend getting there early or during the week. Great food. My favorite is Hashbrown Rancheros. They serve both vegan and non-vegan. Too bad I don’t have pictures.

Midori’s Floating World Cafe

Japanese restaurant. Vegan dishes are clearly marked. I love their agedaahi tofu, gyoza, mushroom broth, and veggie nigiri sushi platter. Their veggie nigiri sushi are fresh, creative, and beautifully presented. Reasonable. Great value.

Hard Times Cafe
It’s located right by the University of Minnesota, and you can certainly feel the college town vibe. The decor and the service have the “love or hate” (apparently I love) uniqueness, but the food is consistently great. Very reasonable. Vegan dishes are clearly marked. Vegan Biscuit & Gravy with vegan sausage is one of my favorites. Vegan Seitan Fajita is also great. Don’t forget to check out their baked goods at the counter.

Bluefox Indian Bar and Grill

Modern South Indian Cuisine. I just tried this place for the first time, and I loved it. We had asparagus soup, veggie sliders, watermelon salad, and mushroom uttapam. The watermelon salad is a must. Also loved the Uttapam, which is like a savory pancake, nicely moist and light. Vegan options were clearly marked on their online menu but not on the actual menu provided at the restaurant. Our server checked with the chef and confirmed that what we ordered were all vegan.

Gorkha Palace
We’ve been there only once, mainly because it’s the other side of the river. But we loved it. We had veggie momos in spicy tomato sauce and a chick pea dish, and they were both delicious. Vegan dishes are clearly marked.

Himalayan Restaurant

This is another great place for momos and curry. Love their eggplant curry.

Keefer Court

This is a Chinese bakery and restaurant. They have several vegan options at the bakery. My favorites are the sesame ball, spring onion bun, winter melon bun, and steamed buns (red beans).

Dulceria Bakery

Mexican-style bakery. I’m not a huge concha fan because it’s a bit dry for me. My husband likes their guava concha though. I do like their vegan lunch options.

Jasmine 26 Restaurant & Bar

A great place for vegan Vietnamese food. I love their vegan pho. Their papaya salad is delicious as well.

The Heebivorous Butcher

This is my husband’s favorite place for vegan sandwiches.

Peoples Organic

They have several locations around the Twin Cities, but I like the one in Galleria Edina. I almost always get the same thing, Buddha Salad. I’ve had the same thing at a different location, and it was just not the same. By the way, their cold-brewed coffee is one of the best.

Namaste Cafe
A cool café in the urban setting. Love their outdoor seating. My favorite is their daily lunch. You get to try a little bit of different things. Their carrot coconut crème brulee is delicious.

Hai Hai

Southeast Asian street food restaurant and bar. Cool and comfortable decor, friendly service, interesting menu, and great execution. We had Salt and Pepper Tofu, Banana Blossom Salad, Balinese Cauliflower, Vietnamese Crepe, and Silken Tofu. Lots of vegan options, more for dinner than brunch.

Ho Fan
It’s an Asian takeout place located in the downtown skyway, mostly catering for business people who want a quick lunch. I come here to get one thing, one thing only, which is Tofu Pho. Their tofu pho is super tasty and comes with lots of fried tofu and perfectly cooked broccoli, all the fixings, and extra broth. There seem to be a lot of other vegan choices as well.


This is an Asian deli inside a large Asian grocery store, United Noodles. This is where I go to get my ramen craving satisfied. Vegan dishes are clearly marked.

Quang Restaurant
My all-time-favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Fast, cheap, good, and consistent. I used to order spring rolls and pho with beef slices. Now I order tofu spring rolls and vegetable noodle soup. Their vegetable broth has so much depth in flavor. It’s truly a masterpiece.

Black Dog Cafe
It’s a neighborhood cafe which has great comfortable atmosphere and offers local music and art experiences. They have several vegan dishes which are clearly marked. We tried Pupusas, Ratatouille, fries, pizza, gazpacho, and pear salad, and they were all very tasty. Fresh and beautifully presented.

Cafe Astoria

Coffee shop. It used to be the best kept secret neighborhood place, but the secret is out. Because of their unique menu and the owners’ friendly personality, this place has quickly become one of the most popular coffee shops in the Twin Cities. A lot of people go there for the Instagram-worthy look of the beverages, but they are not only pretty but also delicious. Staff is friendly and they are always willing to make things with non-dairy milk.

Vegan East

Their layered cakes are beautiful. But the number one reason I like their baked goods is because they are not overly sweet. One of my favorites is their rustic-style carrot cake which they don’t always have at the shop, but you can get it at J.Selby’s.

Hope’s Vegan Kitchen

Currently a pop-up bakery. Croissants, cookies, galettes, and more.

Crepe and Spoon

Specializes in vegan ice cream and crepes. I’m not a big ice cream person, but I do enjoy their Ube ice cream.

Eureka Compass Vegan Food

Chef. Anderson creates amazing vegan baked goods. The muffin in the above picture was the best muffin I’ve ever had. I really like his making-things-from-scratch approach and use of unique combinations of fruits and vegetables. His croissants are a must. They don’t always have them. So if you see them grab them.

Opened in December 2019. I’ve been there only once and had Burger (as of February 2020), but it was delicious! Great flavor and texture combination. I’ll definitely go back.

This list is based on my personal experience and preference.

I will continue to add places, so come back to check it periodically.

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