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Recipes I’ve tried and liked…

Basic Vegan Cake Sponge
Why do I like it?
Simple ingredients. Easy instructions. Delicious. I’ve used this recipe repeatedly, and it turns out perfectly every single time.
*I’m only endorsing the cake sponge and not the frosting (I’ve never tried the frosting recipe that is on the same page).

Vegan Butter
Why do I like it?
Looks like butter. Tastes like butter. Melts like butter. And it’s delicious! Easy to make. I’ve tried several other vegan butter recipes, and I think this one is far better. I even prefer this to regular dairy butter. I make this butter regularly, about every two weeks, and it’s a must-have in our house! Every plant-eaters HAVE TO try this butter!
*I typically use almond milk, but I’ve used other nondairy milk as well and it turned out great.

Vegan Mayonnaise
Why do I like it?
Easy to make. Simple ingredients. Tastes great! I’ve only recently discovered this recipe and made it once. But I’ll definitely make it again.
*I used vinegar instead of lemon juice, and it turned out great.