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Category Archives: Noodles/Pasta

Curry Udon with Asparagus Tempura

When I make curry for dinner, the next day’s lunch has to be curry udon. That’s an unwritten rule at my house, but I religiously follow it. I thought tempura would be a nice addition to it and decided to make some with asparagus. I always make my tempura batter from scratch (all purpose flour, […]

Natto Green Chile Soba

I usually have a lot of energy on weekends (lol). It takes me forever to get out of bed usually, but I’m wide awake at 5:00 a.m. when I don’t go to the office. But today my energy was a bit low, and I was kind of lazy. A good thing is that I never […]

Udon with Ginger Veggies and Shungiku Tempura

Ultimate comfort food for me. Udon noodle soup with tempura. This time I made two types of tempura. One is shungiku tempura. Shungiku may be sold as “Tongo” at some Asian grocery stores. One is ginger veggies: onion, carrot, red ginger. Tasty!

White Miso Casserole

Casserole? Hotdish? or Gratin? What should I call a dish like this. This is basically cauliflower, Ticken (firm tofu cubes), and pasta, mixed with white miso cream sauce, they were put in a dish, vegan cheese was put on top, and then it was baked. I think I’ll go with casserole. I like how it […]

Pasta Bolognese

Last weekend I wanted to bring some food to a family member who had just had medical procedure. Of course what I make is all vegan, but I wanted to make sure that what I made is something she would enjoy eating. So here is one of the dishes I made. Pasta Bolognese. Plant-based. I […]

Grown-Up Mac and Cheese

I said this before, but my husband was never a big fan of mac and cheese even when he was still eating cheese. But he likes my vegan mac and cheese. Watching him eat my mac and cheese always makes me smile. Since this is for adults, I chose “macaroni” which is more appropriate for […]

Kakiage Soba

Tempura is popular, and you see shrimp tempura, fish tempura, and vegetable tempura, etc. on the menu at many Japanese restaurants. But you still don’t see this type of tempura much in the U.S. You put together various vegetables (usually sliced/julienned), dip them into batter, and fry it. It’s called “kakiage,” and it’s one of […]

Hand-Torn Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Once in a while I get craving for rich peanut sauce. I had some leftover noodle dough from making lasagna, and I decided to use it to make this dish. Instead of cutting the pasta with a knife, I hand-tore them. Each piece is irregular and gives interesting look and texture, and the sauce seems […]

Orange Lentil Mushroom Lasagna

When I was making fresh pasta the other day, I had this thought, “Why not making lasagna sheets myself as well?” So that’s what I did. It was fun to make my own lasagna sheets, but it was also a bit of a struggle to boil large sheets (I didn’t make long strips but big […]

Fettuccine Alfredo

I do keep dry pasta in the pantry, but whenever I have time I like to make fresh pasta. Surprisingly it doesn’t take too much time to make pasta. Since I’ve done it so many times, the process goes quite smoothly. My vegan alfredo sauce was made with cashew nuts and cauliflower as the main […]