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Category Archives: Noodles/Pasta

Chili Noodle Bowl

My husband is not a huge noodle eater, but recently I discovered that he does like “rice” noodles vs. wheat ones. Since I’m a huge noodle fan, now I make sure we have rice noodles in our house so that we can share noodle meals together. This is my recent favorite from Trader joe’s It’s […]

Broccoli Pea Pasta

Summer is coming to the end, and many dishes will start to have more brown and less green colors on the plate. I had a lot of beautiful broccoli and wanted to make vibrant colored and flavored dish with them. I really like homemade pasta, and it’s absolutely worth the time. I have started having […]

Nectarine Bow Tie Pasta

It was one of those “lucky” dishes that I didn’t plan to make but ended up super tasty. I had leftover homemade pasta. I had these beautiful vined tomatoes and nectarines (not in the pic). (This time of the year I almost always have nectarines in the house.) Homemade bow tie pasta, mini tomatoes, nectarine, […]

Farmers Market Mushroom Pasta

There are various vendors at the local farmers market. I’ve been interested in this particular vendor, R & R Cultivation, who sells locally grown mushrooms. Today I decided to finally try some. Chestnut. Blue Oyster. Lion’s Mane. They are all so fresh and beautiful! I also came home with these mini tomatoes on vine. These […]

Summer Noodles

One of my favorite summer dishes. Cold Chinese noodles with sweet “eggs” and various veggies. Served with sweet and sour sauce. So refreshing and super tasty!

Spicy Summer Soba

What’s your go-to meal on a hot and humid summer day? Mine is cold noodles. Soba noodles were served with homemade almond tofu, Wakame seaweed, and summer veggies. So refreshing and tasty!!

Pasta with V-Meatballs

Going back to basics. Who doesn’t like pasta with red sauce and meatballs?! When the meatballs are plant-based, it’s even better in my opinion! Homemade vegan meatballs. Don’t they look delicious?! I know it’s carb-overload, but I really enjoyed the garlic bread my husband made to complement the dish. By the way, the pasta was […]

Zen Soba Soup
ZEN 蕎麦

A bowl of soba noodle soup always makes me smile. First soba noodles. And then soup. But after that you can just add whatever you like. Lucky me, I had some homemade sunflower seed tofu. I hope everyone had a good start of the week.

Spicy Mango Pad Thai Spaghetti

Happy Wednesday! I started doing meal-prep a few weekends ago, and I’m loving it. It makes it so much easier to prepare weekday meals. Healthier. And less stress. However, it usually becomes challenging to create dinner that doesn’t make you feel like you are eating the same things over and over. I got to come […]

Shoyu Ramen

Ramen has become super popular in the U.S. the last several years. I am loving the trend, but unfortunately it’s still challenging to find vegan ramen. I have tried vegan ramen at some ramen shops, and while I appreciate their effort, there have been only a few times I truly enjoyed. So when I want […]