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Category Archives: Noodles/Pasta

Mushroom Ravioli in White Bean Soup

I had some wrappers left that I wanted to use up. So I decided to make them into ravioli. The filling is simple but tasty. Sauteed garlic and mushrooms. A great thing about ravioli is that it cooks so fast. It was a great lunch. Exactly what I needed on this cold snowy day.

Curry Udon with Tempura

Curry Udon is one of the ultimate comfort foods in Japan in my opinion. The Japanese curry soup is rich and so flavorful, and the udon is thick and chewy. I can eat just that, but today I wanted my curry udon a bit special, and I made tempura. I found these mini king mushrooms […]

Curry Noodle Soup with V-Meatballs and Edamame

When I make Japanese style curry, I first enjoy it over rice. Japanese curry is thick and rich, and it goes so well with rice. I usually make extra so that I have left-over to make curry noodle soup. I transform the curry into less thick broth to go with my noodles, by adding a […]

L-Style Dan Dan Noodle Soup

Dan dan noodle soup is rich, spicy, flavorful, and warm. Noodle soup makes you warm, but dan dan noodle soup seems to make you particularly warm, maybe because of the spiciness and the richness in the flavor combination. The traditional dan dan noodle soup has spicy ground meat as the main topping. My version has […]

Gochujang Macaroni and Cheese

I liked the vegan cheddar cheese so much that I wanted to make something to showcase the cheese. I thought macaroni and cheese would be a good one. The macaroni was added to my cream sauce. This picture (above) shows the pot right after the cheddar cheese was added. The cheese was beautifully melted and […]

Kimchi Yakisoba Fried Noodles

I know kimchi is not for everyone because of its strong flavor, but I happen to be a big fan of kimchi. I found beautiful fresh sprouts at the local Asian grocery store over the weekend, and it’s always a cue to make Yakisoba fried noodles. It smells so good! Who could resist this?! I […]

Taco Pasta

Taco itself never really gained much popularity in Japan. I remember many years ago a chain taco fast food store opened up in major cities in Japan, but they disappeared pretty quickly. However, they did leave some trail in Okinawa, where the largest U.S. military base is located, and taco “rice” was created. Everything you […]

V-Meatball Pie Hotdish

I’m not exactly sure if this qualifies a hotdish. But I’m in Minnesota, and I like the sound of it So I’m calling it a hotdish. The V-balls are homemade, and I’m so proud of myself. These (above) are right before going into the oven. My very first seitan meatballs turned out great! The texture […]

Delux Veggie Ramen

If you are on the plant-based diet, you may have a similar experience to mine. You go to a restaurant, find a vegetable dish on the menu, ask if they can make it 100% plant-based, and then end up with a dish that is exactly like what the menu described, MINUS this, this, this, this, […]

Napolitan Spaghetti Bento

Napolitan Spaghetti may sound Italian, but it has nothing to do with an Italian dish. It’s a classic Japanese spaghetti dish. It’s basically spaghetti sauteed with vegetables and some type of cured meat (ham, bacon, etc) and finished with ketchup. I grew up eating this spaghetti so many times, both at home and at kissa-ten. […]