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Category Archives: Noodles/Pasta

Delux Veggie Ramen

If you are on the plant-based diet, you may have a similar experience to mine. You go to a restaurant, find a vegetable dish on the menu, ask if they can make it 100% plant-based, and then end up with a dish that is exactly like what the menu described, MINUS this, this, this, this, […]

Napolitan Spaghetti Bento

Napolitan Spaghetti may sound Italian, but it has nothing to do with an Italian dish. It’s a classic Japanese spaghetti dish. It’s basically spaghetti sauteed with vegetables and some type of cured meat (ham, bacon, etc) and finished with ketchup. I grew up eating this spaghetti so many times, both at home and at kissa-ten. […]

Mushroom “Tosage” Herb Cream Pasta
きのこ ハーブクリームパスタ

Plant-based comfort food at its best! I often use firm tofu and crumble it to make “sausage” with it. Extra Firm Tofu sold at Trader Joe’s is extremely firm and provides a great texture. I would particularly recommend this to first-time tofu eaters, as the texture is similar to that of chicken. The cream sauce […]

Showa Curry Ramen

Curry is not the most popular soup flavor for ramen, but it does exist and it is tasty. This is my second ramen bowl. I found it at the local Asian grocery store, and I liked the colors and the design. I didn’t notice it when I saw it at the store, but when it […]

Home Alone Spaghetti

When I go grocery shopping, I’m pretty good at sticking with my list. But there are a few items that I impulsively purchase. Well, okra is one of them. It’s hard to find fresh okra at grocery stores, and when I found these beautiful ones at the farmers market this morning, I had to have […]

Fueling One Teen At A Time! Yakisoba Roll

This is one of the most popular snacks among the male teens in Japan. I remember that when I was in high school, a lot of boys would go buy this role (often more than one) for their afternoon snack. Why is it popular? Well, it’s DOUBLE CARBS: bread and noodles! First, you make fried […]

Lemongrass Noodle Soup

I was in a mood for noodle soup, but with a little South Asian twist. When I was checking my spice drawer, I noticed this little jar of lemongrass. I bought it a long time ago, and I’ve never actually used it yet. This lemongrass flavored soup was so refreshing when paired with fresh lime. […]

Tonkotsu-Style V-Ramen

I grew up eating ramen a lot. It’s so popular in Japan, and when I found out that a lot of Japanese people post ONLY ramen pictures on their Instagram page, I was not surprised. Some of them go out to eat ramen every day, and they don’t run out of new ramen shops to […]

RED Ramen

When people travel, they often bring something home. For me it’s usually a food idea(s). This RED Ramen was inspired by Vegan Tonyu Red (ramen) I had at Marukin Ramen in Portland which I visited last month. I tried to upload my picture of their ramen, but for some reason I was not able to. […]

Summer “White Hair” So-men Noodles

This cold noodle dish is THE summer dish people enjoy in Japan. This type of extremely thin noodle is called “so-men”. Interestingly, this particular brand named their so-men “Tomo-Shiraga”, which literally means “friend white hair”. It’s the thinnest type of noodle found in Japan, and I guess the name is probably not too inappropriate (lol). […]