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Category Archives: Japanese Food

Potato Mochi Dango

I loved the potato Mochi cakes that I made a few days ago so much that I made them again. This time I made them smaller. Beautiful color! I hope you can tell how crispy they are outside. They were skewered like the snack called “Mitarashi” mochi balls which are a popular Japanese snack. They […]

Potato Mochi Cakes

I tried not to make too much food for Thanksgiving dinner. But I did end up with a lot of mashed potatoes (and a few other things). Here is my leftover makeover project 1. It’s called potato mochi cakes. A Japanese snack. These are super easy to make and so tasty! The Teriyaki glazed cakes […]

Hoso-Maki Sushi Rolls

I make sushi rolls all the time, but I think this was my first time making “hoso-maki” or the “slim” version of sushi rolls! For hoso-maki you usually just put one thing, and that is why I ended up with five rolls. Cucumber. Persimmon. Turmeric tofu. Avocado. Natto. Supposed to make six. I already had […]

Curry Udon with Mushrooms

Udon noodles in curry soup with sautéed mushrooms. Thick chewy Udon noodles always go so well with rich curry soup! So good. A picture from this foggy morning.

Onigirazu Rice Balls: Tempeh & Radish; Tofu & Hijiki Carrot

Onigirazu rice balls. This is my third time making this type of rice balls. It’s still a little tricky (I had to re-do the second one) to make, but I think I’m getting better. I like them because I can see exactly what’s in them. I made two types this time. This one has teriyaki […]

You & Me Onigiri Breakfast

This is my third “You & Me Onigiri,” and I have a feeling that you’ll see more in the future!

Zen Steak and Veggie Bento Box

I made this bento box several months ago. I loved it, but for some reason I forgot to post it. I’m glad that I just remember it. I knew I made an awesome bento box in the spring time (lol). Ginger okra. Spicy eggplant Sesame carrots. It’s been a while. Maybe it’s time to make […]

Mushroom Soba Soup

I eat soba noodles all year round. But this time of the year I like them in hot soup. This mushroom soba soup was fantastic. It’s not only tasty but also warms my body (and soul!) so well. I’m the only one who does this around here, but it’s a habit. This is the Japanese […]

Halloween Onigiri

I had a different idea for my this year’s Halloween post. But I didn’t plan well, so this was plan B (lol). I didn’t put too much time into this, but they turned out pretty good. Happy Halloween everyone.

Avocado Rice Bowl

I was in a mood for rice and avocado this morning. I make a bowl all the time using rice and avocado, but I wanted to make something a bit prettier that would really feature the beauty of avocado. Rice, avocado slices, kimchi, homemade vegan mayo, and sesame seeds. I absolutely love the look. It […]