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Category Archives: Japanese Food

Weekend Sushi Rolls

Last weekend we took a trip to New York City. We got to try great vegan food there, and one of the memorable meals was the one at Beyond Sushi. Their sushi was so creative and unique, and that really inspired me to be a bit more bold in my sushi-making. I also found this […]

Black bean Tea Soba

I’ve been always a big noodle person, and I’m always up for good noodle soup. Remember this  Japanese black bean tea? I had extra tea and beans kept in the freezer, and I thought it would be interesting to make them into a soba noodle dish. I did add some stuff to the tea to […]

Hearty Udon Noodle Soup

Okay. I know I’ve been talking about spring on it way for a while. But this week it really finally feels like spring is coming VERY SOON. The weather forecast says we are going to have temperature finally above 50!! So excited. However, today it’s still below 32F in the Twin Cities, and this hearty […]

Oni-Monster Manju

Manju is a general term for traditional Japanese confection. This particular manju is called “Oni Manju.” Oni is a supernatural fictional demon that often appears in traditional Japanese folk tales. Why this has the name “oni” is unknown, but the rough look seems to have something to do with it. The typical Oni Manju is […]

Mapo Tofu Ramen

I love Mapo Tofu, and I love ramen. So this is a no-brainer for me! The soup was made with slightly burned and caramelized onions and garlic, water, Kombu seaweed, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and hot pepper flakes (picture above). The main ingredients of the “meat” part of this “Mapo” were tempeh and mushrooms. This […]

Early Spring Japanese Breakfast

We had a few warmer days this week, but it’s still pretty cold for March, and we are expecting more snow this weekend. It’s not fully spring yet, but I would like to think it’s right around the corner. To celebrate and welcome this new season, I made this Japanese style breakfast. I had some […]

Green Tea Soba with Grated Naga-Imo

If you are following this blog for a while, you probably know that I like Matcha. These green tea soba noodles. Its color and flavor are just wonderful. Green tea noodles in soy-based broth, served with grated nagaimo, fried onions, scallion, and Shichimi spice. Oh, and wasabi. Wasabi goes so well with grated nagaimo. Simply […]

Amazake Spring Steamed Buns

It’s one day early, but tomorrow March 3rd is “Momo-No-Sekku”, or the girls celebration day in Japan. Because of the time of the year we usually celebrate with things that indicate the beginning of spring. Lots of pastel colors, particularly pink, are used, from home décor to food that day. Inspired by the Sakura (cherry […]

Kuro-Mame Tea

  I posted something I brought back from Japan in the previous post. This is another thing that came back with me from Japan. (You can tell I like tea!) This tea is supposed to be vary good for your health, but it really doesn’t matter much, because I really like the taste anyway. This […]

Sakura Cherry Blossom Tea

I forgot about this tea that I bought when I was in Japan last time. But as soon as I realized that it was March 1st today, I knew I had something perfect to celebrate this beginning of spring. These are salted Sakura (cherry) flowers. You quickly rinse them with water, and then you just […]