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Category Archives: Japanese Food

“Egg” Rice bowl

Egg Rice Bowl is one of my favorite lunch dishes on the cafeteria menu at the college I attended in japan. It was cheap (I believe it was about 400 yen (approximately $4.00), filling, and tasty. Egg rice bowl is basically eggs and onions cooked in soy sauce-based slightly sweet broth and served over rice. […]

Garbanzo Okonomi-Yaki

Okonomi-Yaki is a Japanese savory pancake and typically made with regular flour (wheat). Flour, water, cabbage, and meat/seafood are the main ingredients of the pancakes and then they are served with “okonomi” sauce or Japanese Worcestershire sauce. There are many variations depending on the region and personal preference. I have no objection to using regular […]

Silken Tofu Rice

This dish is one of the best examples, “simple is best.” What you need to make Silken Tofu Rice are… Rice. Silken tofu (warm or cold). Soy sauce. These are the basic ingredients. And toppings of your choice. This time I had avocado mash (avocado plus wasabi and chopped radish), chopped tomatoes, and Japanese Shiso […]

Vegan Tsuke-Men

Tsuke-men is like a cousin of ramen. It’s basically the same thing, but the noodles and the soup are separated (soup typically has a bit stronger flavors). You scoop up a few strands of noodle, dip them in the soup, and eat. And then repeat the process. I added a generous amount of sprouts. I […]

T-Rice Bowl

Instagram is an awesome thing. I was away from the Japanese food scene for a long time, but now I feel like I’m catching up. When I saw a picture of a dynamic tofu rice bowl, I knew that was something I wanted to create myself. Apparently, this is a special dish served at a […]

Morning Golden Spiced Milk

This is probably my ideal way to start my day. It’s hot soy milk with Ama-zake and spices (turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom). Ama-zake is a traditional Japanese sweet beverage. It’s made from fermented rice. Although it’s called “zake (sake)”, it doesn’t always contain alcohol. There are two ways to make ama-zake, in one way you end […]

Grilled V-Unagi Rice

Grilled unagi rice is one of popular Japanese dish which is unlikely to become big in the Western countries anytime soon. It’s completely my personal opinion, but I have a feeling that just an idea of eating eel (unagi) does not excite too many people who were not exposed to it at a young age. […]

Sushi Cubes

I’ve seen a video a while ago where they were making sushi like this using an ice-cube tray. (I don’t remember the source. If you know who is the original creator, please let me know so that I can give credit.) So glad that I finally got to try this. I just used the vegetables […]

Curry Noodle Soup with V-Meatballs and Edamame

When I make Japanese style curry, I first enjoy it over rice. Japanese curry is thick and rich, and it goes so well with rice. I usually make extra so that I have left-over to make curry noodle soup. I transform the curry into less thick broth to go with my noodles, by adding a […]

Pressed Veggie Sushi

Sushi has become increasingly popular the past few decades outside Japan. Rolled sushi is probably the most popular. Many people also know Nigiri sushi. And more and more sushi restaurants are putting Chirashi sushi on their menu. Today I would like to introduce another version, called “pressed” sushi, or “oshi-zushi” in Japanese. You will use […]