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Category Archives: Japanese Food

Carrot Shiri-Shiri Roll

Carrot Shiri-Shiri is a simple dish that originated in the Southern island of Japan, Okinawa. The very basic is shredded carrots sautéed with eggs. I used tofu in place of eggs, and I also added “shira-taki” which is a type of traditional Japanese noodles made of konjac yam; I cut them into small pieces. This […]

Tofu Miso Katsu Rice Bowl

When you don’t know what to make for lunch, a rice bowl is always a good idea, if you ask me. Tofu Katsu or deep-fried crispy tofu is one of my favorites to use for a rice bowl. Brown rice, tofu katsu, and sweet miso glaze in a bowl. Served with miso soup and fresh […]

Delux Veggie Ramen

If you are on the plant-based diet, you may have a similar experience to mine. You go to a restaurant, find a vegetable dish on the menu, ask if they can make it 100% plant-based, and then end up with a dish that is exactly like what the menu described, MINUS this, this, this, this, […]

Mother Earth Sushi Plate

This lovely sushi plate was our lunch today. Ideas for food come from various places, but this one came from a very unexpected place. It all started with these apples. These apples don’t look that special outside. But look! The inside has this lovely pink color. I found these apples at the grocery store inside […]

Shojin Bento Box

It’s been a while since last time I made Bento. Carrot Namul. Braised Daikon and Soy Curd. Curried Green Peppers. Love these veggies. I didn’t have to take it anywhere, but it was still fun to pack and wrap it just like a real bento box. Mock fried oysters. This may be one of my […]

Showa Curry Ramen

Curry is not the most popular soup flavor for ramen, but it does exist and it is tasty. This is my second ramen bowl. I found it at the local Asian grocery store, and I liked the colors and the design. I didn’t notice it when I saw it at the store, but when it […]

Home Alone Spaghetti

When I go grocery shopping, I’m pretty good at sticking with my list. But there are a few items that I impulsively purchase. Well, okra is one of them. It’s hard to find fresh okra at grocery stores, and when I found these beautiful ones at the farmers market this morning, I had to have […]

Fueling One Teen At A Time! Yakisoba Roll

This is one of the most popular snacks among the male teens in Japan. I remember that when I was in high school, a lot of boys would go buy this role (often more than one) for their afternoon snack. Why is it popular? Well, it’s DOUBLE CARBS: bread and noodles! First, you make fried […]

“East Meet Midwest” Okonomi-Yaki

Okonomi-Yaki is a popular savory pancake in Japan. The most used ingredient is cabbage. Other than that you can basically add anything, but the popular ones are pork and squid. This time king mushroom (cooked with garlic), purple cabbage, and chive went into my Okonomi-Yaki batter. You mix them well. Typically you can start cooking […]

Tonkotsu-Style V-Ramen

I grew up eating ramen a lot. It’s so popular in Japan, and when I found out that a lot of Japanese people post ONLY ramen pictures on their Instagram page, I was not surprised. Some of them go out to eat ramen every day, and they don’t run out of new ramen shops to […]