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Category Archives: Mushrooms

Orange Lentil Mushroom Lasagna

When I was making fresh pasta the other day, I had this thought, “Why not making lasagna sheets myself as well?” So that’s what I did. It was fun to make my own lasagna sheets, but it was also a bit of a struggle to boil large sheets (I didn’t make long strips but big […]

2019 Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is the main dish of this year. Mushroom stuffed vegan roast. Isn’t it beautiful? This homemade roast was so good!! (so much better than store-bought ones.) Glazed Satsuma sweet potatoes with black sesames. Sauteed broccolini with crushed red pepper. Corn bread. Kale persimmon salad. Salad is traditionally a part of Thanksgiving dinner, […]

Plant-Based Mushroom Stuffed Roast

This is my first vegan roast, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! I used this recipe. I followed the recipe mostly. Since I was putting a lot of effort (it was not difficult to make, but I was mentally quite invested), I decided to double the recipe and made two roasts. So glad […]

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Wild Rice

When people try my soup, they ask me what I use in place of chicken (or beef) stock. Well, when I tell them I don’t use any premade stock, even the vegetable one, they look surprised. When I started plant-based diet, I would initially buy those products, but soon I realized I really didn’t need […]

Mushroom Soba Soup

I eat soba noodles all year round. But this time of the year I like them in hot soup. This mushroom soba soup was fantastic. It’s not only tasty but also warms my body (and soul!) so well. I’m the only one who does this around here, but it’s a habit. This is the Japanese […]

His & Hers Blue Cheese Burger

A hamburger with blue cheese was always my husband’s favorite. Since I recently made a fresh batch of vegan blue cheese, I thought it was time to make a burger for him. A homemade bun, homemade vegan mayo, Dijon mustard, arugula, soy burger from Aldi, Japanese Worcestershire sauce, fried onion, and blue cheese. A lot […]

Farmers Market Mushroom Pasta

There are various vendors at the local farmers market. I’ve been interested in this particular vendor, R & R Cultivation, who sells locally grown mushrooms. Today I decided to finally try some. Chestnut. Blue Oyster. Lion’s Mane. They are all so fresh and beautiful! I also came home with these mini tomatoes on vine. These […]

Homemade Herbed Fettuccini and Garlic Mushroom Medley

Last time when I made homemade pasta, it turned out so great that now I want all my pasta to be homemade. I was going to say I’m spoiled, but since I’m the one that makes it, I’m not sure if “spoiled” is the right word (lol). This time I added one of my favorite […]

PB Ink Pasta with V-“Scallops”

Before I switched to the 100% plant-based diet, seafood was one of my favorite things to eat. But now I don’t eat seafood, but I can create dishes that bring “ocean” flavors, which I enjoy doing very much. Plant-based “squid” ink pasta was one of the dishes I’ve wanted to try for a long time. […]

Portobello Gorgonzola Crostini

A perfect lunch! I had Portobello mushrooms to make steak, fresh arugula, homemade vegan gorgonzola, and homemade crusty bread. You can also see some tomato slices on the bread as well. They were served with balsamic reduction glaze. Super yum!