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Category Archives: Mushrooms

Farmers Market Mushroom Pasta

There are various vendors at the local farmers market. I’ve been interested in this particular vendor, R & R Cultivation, who sells locally grown mushrooms. Today I decided to finally try some. Chestnut. Blue Oyster. Lion’s Mane. They are all so fresh and beautiful! I also came home with these mini tomatoes on vine. These […]

Homemade Herbed Fettuccini and Garlic Mushroom Medley

Last time when I made homemade pasta, it turned out so great that now I want all my pasta to be homemade. I was going to say I’m spoiled, but since I’m the one that makes it, I’m not sure if “spoiled” is the right word (lol). This time I added one of my favorite […]

PB Ink Pasta with V-“Scallops”

Before I switched to the 100% plant-based diet, seafood was one of my favorite things to eat. But now I don’t eat seafood, but I can create dishes that bring “ocean” flavors, which I enjoy doing very much. Plant-based “squid” ink pasta was one of the dishes I’ve wanted to try for a long time. […]

Portobello Gorgonzola Crostini

A perfect lunch! I had Portobello mushrooms to make steak, fresh arugula, homemade vegan gorgonzola, and homemade crusty bread. You can also see some tomato slices on the bread as well. They were served with balsamic reduction glaze. Super yum!

Mushroom “Tosage” Herb Cream Pasta
きのこ ハーブクリームパスタ

Plant-based comfort food at its best! I often use firm tofu and crumble it to make “sausage” with it. Extra Firm Tofu sold at Trader Joe’s is extremely firm and provides a great texture. I would particularly recommend this to first-time tofu eaters, as the texture is similar to that of chicken. The cream sauce […]

“East Meet Midwest” Okonomi-Yaki

Okonomi-Yaki is a popular savory pancake in Japan. The most used ingredient is cabbage. Other than that you can basically add anything, but the popular ones are pork and squid. This time king mushroom (cooked with garlic), purple cabbage, and chive went into my Okonomi-Yaki batter. You mix them well. Typically you can start cooking […]

King Roll

Doesn’t my King (mushroom) Roll look good? I really love everything about king mushrooms. Its firm texture is so unique and substantial that it can easily take the leading role. I’ve never tried king mushrooms with mayo together, but it was so good. Homemade vegan mayo is really a game changer. First I cut the […]

Tonkotsu-Style V-Ramen

I grew up eating ramen a lot. It’s so popular in Japan, and when I found out that a lot of Japanese people post ONLY ramen pictures on their Instagram page, I was not surprised. Some of them go out to eat ramen every day, and they don’t run out of new ramen shops to […]

V-Cheesy Quesadilla

Quesadilla! I call it the Mexican king of snack. This quesadilla was ready for a little Friday happy hour because luckily I happened to have this “mozarrella” I had made the day before. The cheese melted perfectly! A beer please. I mean, a Corona, please.

Zha Zha Zhu Zha Jiang Mian

This is my take on the traditional Chinese pork noodle dish called Zha Jiang Mian.   My “meat” sauce is made of Shiitake mushroom as a main ingredient. I used dried mushrooms, because they provide intense flavors. This is how the Shiitake looked like when reconstituted and sliced (later it was chopped into small pieces). […]