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Category Archives: Sandwiches

Sweet Bean Butter Sakura Sandwich

Sweet bean and butter sandwich. This combination of sweet beans and butter may sound odd to many westerners, but it’s extremely popular in Japan. A few weeks ago I showed you how to make sweet beans using canned beans. This is so easy to make. At that time I used black beans, but this time […]

Koya Katsu Sandwich

Today’s lunch. It seems that the only place I go to is the grocery store. Well, that part is not a huge change for me (lol). But now I feel so tense when I’m at the store even when there aren’t too many people. This situation has definitely taken away the fun of grocery shopping… […]

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Using the buns (see the previous post), I made this spicy chicken sandwich. The chicken is homemade seitan meat. The sauce is similar to the Buffalo wing sauce. It’s spicy, tangy, and sweet. Served with a lot of coleslaw. Yum!

Breakfast Sandwich

Colorful meals are always a good idea. But particularly for breakfast. Homemade vegan steak. Toasted homemade Shokupan Pullman bread, homemade vegan mayo, homemade vegan steak, scrambled tofu, tomato slices, and arugula.

Cabbage Sandwich

I was in the mood for a sandwich. Not any sandwich, but something with cabbage. So this is what I came up with. A lot of cabbage sautéed and flavored with caraway seeds and celery seeds, seitan steak slices, and homemade vegan cheddar. I served it with fry sauce (ketchup and mayo). Tasty!

Mediterranean Steak Pita Wrap

I spotted homemade vegan steak meat in the freezer I had forgot about. It was perfect for this wrap. I cooked the sliced steak and flavored it with Mediterranean-inspired spices (cumin, paprika, cinnamon, black pepper). Freshly baked pita bread, arugula, onion slices, tomato, the Mediterranean steak, and olive-cauliflower sauce. Scrumptious!

Koya Katsu Mini Sandwich

Here is my recent favorite, “Koya Katsu” again. Koya-Katsu is panko-crusted deep-fried Koya-tofu (freeze-dried tofu). The inspiration was this Maru buns I just baked. I knew these soft buns would be perfect for sandwiches. Lots of cabbage and a tomato slice at the bottom. Crispy Koya Katsu. Tartar sauce with pickled cauliflower and scallion. Because […]

V-Roast Sandwich

I was in a mood for a tall sandwich with layers of roast slices and fresh veggies. I need to practice slicing roast, but this turned out just fine. Crusty bread, mayo, Dijon mustard, kale, tomato, roast slices, and vegan Gorgonzola.

Croquette Sandwich

I don’t make croquettes often, but when I do, I like to make sandwiches with them. The crispiness of the croquette is a nice touch. Crusty bread, vegan mayo, kale, tomato slices, V-meat cheddar croquette, Japanese Worcestershire sauce, purple cabbage.

Roast Cranberry Cheddar Panini

Another leftover makeover! You can probably identify many things from our Thanksgiving dinner. Roast slices, cranberry mustard, cheddar cheese, and baguette. Everything is, of course, vegan, and homemade except for cranberry mustard (store-bought cranberry sauce was mixed with Dijon mustard). My husband requested a panini today, and he really liked this.