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Category Archives: Sandwiches

Roast Cranberry Cheddar Panini

Another leftover makeover! You can probably identify many things from our Thanksgiving dinner. Roast slices, cranberry mustard, cheddar cheese, and baguette. Everything is, of course, vegan, and homemade except for cranberry mustard (store-bought cranberry sauce was mixed with Dijon mustard). My husband requested a panini today, and he really liked this.

Thanksgiving Roast Sandwich

I think it’s obligatory to make a sandwich with leftover Thanksgiving food. Mashed potatoes, mushroom stuffed roast, gravy, cranberry sauce, nutty Parm, spinach, and mayo/mustard. Enjoying the low-key weekend.

Tempeh Curry Slaw Sandwich

Homemade herbed bun, fresh spinach, thick teriyaki tempeh steak, and carrot-apple curry coleslaw. So good! The combination of curry, carrot, and apple is always a winner.

His & Hers Blue Cheese Burger

A hamburger with blue cheese was always my husband’s favorite. Since I recently made a fresh batch of vegan blue cheese, I thought it was time to make a burger for him. A homemade bun, homemade vegan mayo, Dijon mustard, arugula, soy burger from Aldi, Japanese Worcestershire sauce, fried onion, and blue cheese. A lot […]

Gorgonzola Apple Open Sandwich

Since I’m not a big fan of mass-produced vegan cheese, I made plant-based cheese myself. Homemade vegan cheese is not hard to make, and if you find a good recipe, it’s so delicious and satisfying.   This gorgonzola is one of my favorite cheeses to make. The recipe is from this book. I love its […]

Tofu Katsu Sandwich

Tofu Katsu Sandwich. Anything tastes better when deep-fried. But it tastes even better when it’s cooked in the “Katsu” style, covered with the crispy Panko bread crumbs. I used my turmeric bread for this sandwich. The vibrant yellow color is so lovely. What you find inside the sandwich along with the Tofu Katsu are spinach […]

Tempeh Grilled Nectarine Ginger Teriyaki Sandwich

This was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever made!! And my husband agrees. Beautiful nectarines with grill marks. A Ciabatta roll from Trader Joe’s, fresh arugula, homemade vegan mayo, marinated thick tempeh steak, and the grilled nectarine. Ginger teriyaki glaze was drizzled on top. Fresh onion slices, more arugula, mayo and then crispy […]

Vegan Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I don’t always have time to make a sandwich in the morning. But when I do have time, I try to make one with all my favorite things inside. Homemade mayo, arugula, vegan steak, tofu egg, and cashew cheese make this sandwich super flavorful. Needless to say, choosing a quality bread is also a very […]

V Crab Cake Sandwich

Since my first Vegan crab cakes turned out great (see my previous post), I decided to make lunch with them. Lucky me. I happened to have vegan croissants. Arugula, tomato slices, vegan crab cakes, and curry mayo. Delicious!!

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

The king of breakfast! Yesterday we decided to visit a farmers market different from our local one to check out other vendors, and I got some beautiful bread, including these bagels. So I knew I wanted to make a sandwich for breakfast this morning. In this sandwich you’ll find spinach, tomato, scrambled tofu, tempeh, and […]