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Category Archives: Sandwiches

Vegan Feta Cheese

It’s been really fun experimenting with vegan food. Different types of plant-based cheese makes our meals exciting. This was my first try making vegan feta cheese. I used the recipe in this book. I’ve tried their blue cheese recipe as well, and they are both excellent except that I will reduce the amount of salt […]

Mini Cheeseburger On A Stick

Well we live in Minnesota, and their state fair is famous for serving a lot of food on a stick. So why not putting the most popular American food on a stick? My homemade cheddar cheese , Makes beautiful slices. Is it just me? But anything tastes better when on a stick! What you see […]

PB Bahn Mi Sandwich

There are so many awesome Vietnamese dishes, but Bahn Mi is one of my favorites. So when I made my first Seitan steak, I thought this would be a perfect way to enjoy my “meat”. For a good Bahn Mi you need a lot of fresh veggies, in my opinion. Pan-fried seitan. Doesn’t look great? […]

Jackfruit Cake Croissant Sandwich

Eureka Compass Vegan Food makes awesome vegan baked goods. I love their stuffed croissants, but I also like to get some extra plain croissants. I have used them to make bread pudding, but usually I enjoy making sandwiches with them. I’m a strong believer that bread is as important as (or more important than) what […]

Tofu Cutlet Wanpaku Sandwich

I was in the mood for a big sandwich, and I decided to make Wanpaku sandwich for the second time. Wanpaku sandwich is a popular Japanese sandwich. I’m not sure exactly what is the definition, but basically it’s a sandwich with a LOT of stuff sandwiched. Like those New Jersey deli sandwiches, as my husband […]

Mock Oyster Po’Boy
MODOKI 牡蛎ポーボーイサンドイッチ

Who would have thought I could still eat Oyster Po’Boy Sandwich?! Well, it’s thanks to Ms. iina, the author of this wonderful cookbook called “MODOKI” (“modoki” means “mock” in Japanese). If interested in the mock fried oysters, please see my previous post. My beautiful mock fried oysters and fresh veggies were generously placed on my […]

New Delhi Sloppy Joes

I was going to call this “Sloppy –polar Indian boy‘s name”, but my husband stopped me from doing so, because he warned me that I would probably offend a large number of people. “Who wants to be called “Sloppy”?” I guess… Instead, I decided to call this “New Delhi Sloppy Joes”. The filling is this […]

Awesome Falafel Sandwich

Crunchy and juicy falafel, fresh vegetables, and minty lemonny V-“yogurt” sauce in a homemade bun. Homemade bread makes any sandwich taste better! This was super tasty and satisfying. I used Trade Joe’s Falafel. The ingredients are good, and it’s super easy and fast to prepare because you can microwave them. The best thing about this […]

Fueling One Teen At A Time! Yakisoba Roll

This is one of the most popular snacks among the male teens in Japan. I remember that when I was in high school, a lot of boys would go buy this role (often more than one) for their afternoon snack. Why is it popular? Well, it’s DOUBLE CARBS: bread and noodles! First, you make fried […]

Heart Waffle Sandwiches

This was last night’s dinner at our house. I enjoy breakfast food for dinner, and I was originally thinking about having just waffles. But then, I still wanted some veggies, and I decided to make them into sandwiches. All the waffles were buttered and syruped lightly. I made several different kinds. This one is my […]