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Category Archives: Sandwiches

Tropical Smashed Meatball Sandwich

Even in Minnesota it is getting warm, and now I think it is okay to enjoy food that brings a tropical mood. Last weekend my husband and I were planning to have a dinner outside on the patio with our neighbor friend, and I thought it would be fun to have a casual sandwich dinner. […]

Beet and Cucumber Bagel Sandwich

I remembered that I still had a few bagels in the freezer, and I decided to make a bagel sandwich for breakfast. I had the plan last night, and for the sandwich I wanted some kind of chees to go with it. So I decided to make herbed feta “cheese” with the recipe in the […]

Chickpea Salad Open Sandwich

Chickpeas are so versatile, and they can be used for so many different things. Especially since we started the plant-based diet, they are one of the most go-to items in my kitchen. I always keep several cans in my pantry, and I go through them quickly. The salad was made with chickpeas, olive salad, celery, […]

Pear Arugula Sandwich

American sandwiches tend to be “saucy” (or/and “cheesy”), and don’t get me wrong, I like those. But once in a while I get craving for more “dry” type of sandwich, which I grew up with in Japan. They also remind me of some sandwiches my friends from France used to often make. I don’t buy […]

Smashed V-Meatball Sandwich

Nothing fancy, but absolutely delicious! I smashed my homemade vegan meatballs, and drenched them in sweet miso-tomato sauce. Smashed V-meatballs with miso-tomato sauce, sautéed cabbage, and homemade cheddar sandwiched in a hearty bagel from my favorite local vegan bakery.

Ube Bagel Sandwich

There are a few food-related magic words that never fail to grab my attention. One is “Adzuki” or “red beans,” and another is “Ube” or “purple potato.” I just love everything about purple potatoes, from the color to the taste. A bagel, a thick spread of homemade vegan butter, creamy purple potato paste, and a […]

Croissant Banh Mi

Why making banh mi with croissant? Well, why not?! Vegan croissant from Eureka Compass Vegan Food, homemade vegan butter, Thai sweet basil, zucchini slices, tofu steak, seitan steak, Daikon-carrot Asian slaw, and mint. My husband had a chance to share this sandwich with one of his friends, who is definitely NOT a vegan, reportedly enjoyed […]

V-Meatball Sandwich

We finished our last batch of vegan meatballs, and it was time to make more. I make a big batch, because it takes the same amount of time and effort either you make 35 or 70, and they freeze beautifully. My husband likes these V-meatballs on the crunchy side, and I have to agree that […]

Taro Croquette Sandwich

I’ve been going to the local Asian grocery store, Ha Tien Supermarket, almost weekly since they opened. I don’t do all my grocery shopping there, but I go there rather for certain specific things. One of the things I like to look at in the store is their potato/squash section. They have a wide variety […]

Garlic Herb “Ticken” Sandwich

When I received a food request from my hubby that is not “Swedish Meatball” I do accept it (lol). (He says “Swedish Meatball” too many times, and sadly it is often dismissed…) He wanted a sandwich with some kind of chicken-like meat and lingonberry. So this is what I came up with. When I want […]