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Category Archives: Sandwiches

Vegan Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I don’t always have time to make a sandwich in the morning. But when I do have time, I try to make one with all my favorite things inside. Homemade mayo, arugula, vegan steak, tofu egg, and cashew cheese make this sandwich super flavorful. Needless to say, choosing a quality bread is also a very […]

V Crab Cake Sandwich

Since my first Vegan crab cakes turned out great (see my previous post), I decided to make lunch with them. Lucky me. I happened to have vegan croissants. Arugula, tomato slices, vegan crab cakes, and curry mayo. Delicious!!

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

The king of breakfast! Yesterday we decided to visit a farmers market different from our local one to check out other vendors, and I got some beautiful bread, including these bagels. So I knew I wanted to make a sandwich for breakfast this morning. In this sandwich you’ll find spinach, tomato, scrambled tofu, tempeh, and […]


I don’t have many opportunities to cook for a large group of people. But when I do, it is usually for non-vegan people. A while ago we participated in an open-house style event. It was a casual event, and bringing food was optional. But I decided to bring panini for snack. Panini is easy to […]

Vegan “Fish” Sandwich

My first and best vegan “fish” sandwich!! Remember I made this awesome fried fish a few days ago? It was so good that I decided to make a sandwich with it. Homemade crusty bread, arugula-spinach mix, tomato slices, and vegan fried “fish.” Doesn’t this look great? The sandwich was served with homemade tartar sauce. Yum!!


My bread-baking adventure continues. This was my first time making focaccia, and I’m super happy with the result! I used this recipe as a base. You can eat it as a snack. It also makes fabulous sandwiches. My husband and I went to check out an outdoor festival yesterday, and we brought these sandwiches with […]

PB Lox Bagel

I’m so glad that I happened to have a homemade bagel!! When your first vegan lox turns out great, it’s almost obligatory that we try it on a bagel, right? I had all the fixings ready. It looks absolutely beautiful!! Now everything is in: vegan lox, red onion, capers, dill, tomato, herbed feta cheese. Doesn’t […]

TLT-A Sandwich

TLT-A Sandwich. You can probably guess what these letters stand for. T: Tempeh. L: Lettuce. T: Tomato. A: Avocado. Also you will find mustard, homemade vegan mayo, and fresh arugula for extra green color in this sandwich. Initially I was going to simply toast the bread, but at the last minute I decided to grill […]

Soy BBQ Rhubarb Coleslaw Sandwich

Love the BBQ and coleslaw combination. I was interested in Soy Curls for a while as a meat substitute, and finally I decided to give it a try. It’s very easy to use. You just soak them in water for several minutes, and they are ready to be cooked. I first cooked them until browned […]

BF Egg Tempeh Sandwich

Another favorite breakfast sandwich of mine. I recently discovered this salt, which gives unique egg-like flavor. Interesting, right? Fried tempeh. Doesn’t it look good? Fresh watercress. Mise en place. I always tend to pile up too much stuff and get afraid that they might fall! Have a great weekend everyone!