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Orange Coconut Carrot Waffle

I usually sleep in on Saturdays, but for some reason I woke up early this morning, before 6:00 a.m. The great thing about this was that I was able to see the sun coming out, and I almost (!) thought it will be worth getting up early just to see this everyday. It was so […]

Spring Matcha Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of my favorite weekday breakfast choices. I usually don’t have time to do anything fancy, but on weekends I like to have a little fun. This one is oatmeal cooked in strong Matcha, and then served with almond milk, Kuro-mame (Japanese black beans), toasted coconut flakes, freeze-dried strawberries, and a drizzle of […]

Cardamom Orange Mocha Marble Muffins

You get a food idea, and you picture what the end result should look like. But it always doesn’t work out that way. I just bought a bag of Cara Cara oranges which are my favorite orange. They looked pretty good before baking already. These turned out exactly what I hoped they would! (And it […]

Mom’s “Egg” and Lettuce Hot Sandwich

Is there a dish that you grew up eating all the time as a kid because your mom made it, and then later as an adult you realize that no one else makes it? This “egg” and lettuce hot sandwich is one of those foods. My mother made this for my sister and I all […]

Strawberry Lemon Basil Scones

There are a lot of things I enjoy making on weekend, and scone is definitely one of them. It’s so easy, and it takes no time from start to finish. There are endless combinations of flavors. These are strawberry, lemon, and basil. Last weekend when we had a family gathering, many people said “lemon” is […]

Amazake Spring Steamed Buns

It’s one day early, but tomorrow March 3rd is “Momo-No-Sekku”, or the girls celebration day in Japan. Because of the time of the year we usually celebrate with things that indicate the beginning of spring. Lots of pastel colors, particularly pink, are used, from home décor to food that day. Inspired by the Sakura (cherry […]

Amazake Apple Muffins

Ama-zake is fermented rice and typically made into sweet beverage. In Japan you can buy it, but I make my own ama-zake for an obvious reason (no one sells it in the U.S.!). People usually add water or some kind of liquid to original ama-zake to drink it, because the base is pretty thick and […]

Matcha Black Bean Waffles

Sundays are for waffles. And so many other things. Waffles are definitely one of the foods I enjoy on the weekend. I love anything with Matcha and waffles are no exception. This time I wanted something “whole-food” as well, and I decided to add some black beans. Just the ones from a can, quickly rinsed, […]

Satsuma Toast

This is what I was dreaming of for a while!! Finally I got to make and taste it. Satsuma potato is a Japanese sweet potato, and one of my favorite potatoes in the world! It has the perfect sweetness and texture. It doesn’t get mushy or soggy at all when cooked. I used to cook […]

Clementine Jasmine Blondies

My husband travels often for business. Since I work full-time also, we don’t talk much during the day. But he never fails to let me know when someone gives him interesting food ideas or recipes even when he is away from home. When he told me about this recipe, I had to try it. I […]