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Category Archives: Breakfast

V-Egg Sausage Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwich is always a hit at our house. Since I now know how to make plant-based fried eggs, it gives a wider variety t0 our breakfast options. It does take time and good planning, though, because as a plant-based eater who does not like mass-produced/processed vegan products, I make a lot of things myself, […]

Plant-Based Fried Egg

A game changer!! Who knew I can still have a fried “egg” as a plant-eater!! I used this recipe. Now here is my Q & A style review. -Does this taste like a fried egg? No. -Is the “yolk” runny? No. BUT, It’s visually very convincing! It’s easy to make. It tastes good for what […]

V English Muffins with Mother’s Kumquat Jam

I have made English muffins at home one time. It was a success, but it was before we became 100% plant-eaters. So I was a bit nervous, but I did use the same recipe and made a few minor changes to make them vegan this time. English muffins are really fun to make. I love […]

Italian Monster Scones

  When I’m in a mood for baking but I only have a short period of time, I like making scones. The flavor combinations are endless, and just thinking about my next scone flavor makes me giggly. I call these “monster scones” because they stretched out when cooked and kind of exploded. But the shape […]

Breakfast Veggie Frittata

This is something I make when I get tired of scrambled “egg.” This is super easy to make, and since I had some left-over sautéed veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms) already, it took no time to finish. It looks somewhat festive too when you present it in the pan on the dining table. Super tasty! Served […]

Lemon Thyme French Toast

I don’t know about you, but I just cannot make French toast plain. You can make so many wonderful versions of French toast. My husband is not always into my (sometimes crazy) creations, but he gave me the thumbs up for this one, the lemon thyme version. I used this recipe as a base for […]

Beet and Cucumber Bagel Sandwich

I remembered that I still had a few bagels in the freezer, and I decided to make a bagel sandwich for breakfast. I had the plan last night, and for the sandwich I wanted some kind of chees to go with it. So I decided to make herbed feta “cheese” with the recipe in the […]

Kiwi Coconut Rum Muffins

Remember that I was trying to consume all the kiwi fruits that came in a large container that I purchased? Well, this was something I made with the last few, and they were wonderful. I decided to combine all the tropical flavors. Kiwi, coconuts, and rum. Delicious! Perfect for breakfast. The outside has nice crunchiness, […]

Kiwi Bread

I took a little break from posting foods with kiwi, but here is another one. Kiwi bread. This surprisingly turned out well and maintained the refreshing kiwi flavor. Since my husband doesn’t like banana bread, I may make it again next time I have craving for this type of quick bread. I used this recipe […]

Orange Mocha Waffle with Coconut Cream

I had an opened can of coconut cream. Last night I was in the mood for something sweet, and I drenched my left-over chocolate sponge cake in the coconut cream and maple syrup, and it was just heavenly good. So this is what I came up with this morning to finish up the coconut cream. […]