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Category Archives: Tofu

Deconstructed Bahn Mi Rice Bowl

You have all the ingredients for your banh mi sandwich, but you are missing the right bread for it. What would you do? Make deconstructed bahn mi rice bowl! I talked about this Trader Joe’s super firm tofu before. This is REALLY firm and dense, and when cooked, the texture resembles that of chicken. That’s […]

Mushroom “Tosage” Herb Cream Pasta
きのこ ハーブクリームパスタ

Plant-based comfort food at its best! I often use firm tofu and crumble it to make “sausage” with it. Extra Firm Tofu sold at Trader Joe’s is extremely firm and provides a great texture. I would particularly recommend this to first-time tofu eaters, as the texture is similar to that of chicken. The cream sauce […]

Southern Style Ticken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles is probably the best example of a great sweet-savory dish. To tell you the truth, I’ve never had chicken and waffles in my life, and then I started a plant-based diet. But I was always interested in the concept, and this morning I decided to make my vegan version. If I would […]

Taco Quinoa

I think I’m getting better with the timing, because I now have another “taco” dish for Tuesday! I’m so proud of myself, but it’s probably not that difficult as we do eat some kind of “tacos” often. For this particular occasion I cooked both Jackfruit and tofu as a main filling, so it was kind […]

Birthday Party with Tacos!

Today we had an official birthday party for my husband. Celebrated it with the family, and it was great to see everyone. It was originally my mother-in-law’s idea, and she even offered her place for the party. Since my husband always tells me not to throw a surprise party, so I didn’t hide the plan […]

Go Local! V-Egg Salad Sandwich

I got beautiful whole grain English muffins from a co-op store. While I was at the store, something caught my eye. “Minnesota Local”. Since we changed our diet and now pay so much more attention to what food we buy, certain key words get my attention, like vegan, plant-based, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no […]

Truly Awesome Blue Cheese Burger

Blue cheese burger has always been one of my husband’s favorite burgers. Remember? I just made plant-based blue cheese using the recipe from this book. Well, there was a reason my husband asked me to make the blue cheese first.   Since I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use tofu or portabella mushrooms for […]

Fresh Exotic Larb Salad

I was beyond excited when I found that larb salad can be prepared vegan at Nong’s Thai Cuisine Restaurant. It was so good that I had to try making it at home. I’m not a huge fan of seitan (or any gluten hunk), but when you really want the certain meaty texture, I do use […]

Hawaiian Miso BBQ Tacos

Sometimes I come up with a food idea because I want to use a certain ingredient. I found a beautiful pineapple at a local grocery store, and it was so fresh and sweet. This is how I eat. I just peel the skin, and cut it up into big chunks. Of course, I wanted to […]

Yakko Rice Bowl

You may ask what is “Yakko”? Well, you probably already know what it is. It’s another name for “tofu”. I don’t know why but we often use the term “yakko” to describe tofu dishes. Napa cabbage. One of my favorite leaf vegetables. It’s crunchy, juicy, and I love the crunchy texture and the slight sweetness. […]