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Plant-Based Mushroom Stuffed Roast

This is my first vegan roast, and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

I used this recipe.

I followed the recipe mostly.

Since I was putting a lot of effort (it was not difficult to make, but I was mentally quite invested), I decided to double the recipe and made two roasts.

So glad I did that!

Great flavor and texture.

I made this for Thanksgiving, but this will be a great main dish for any dinner party.


You and Me Onigiri Bento

You and Me Onigiri rice balls went into a Bento box this time.

This is one of my favorite ways to cook Kabocha.

This has two boxes, but one box contains enough food for me.

Black Sesame Noodles

Black food is cool, and they typically taste good.

I love sesame, and this noodle dish is full of black sesame flavors.

So good!!

I also added onion, king mushrooms, and Renkon lotus root slices.

The lotus slices are so unique and pretty.

Curry Udon with Mushrooms

Udon noodles in curry soup with sautéed mushrooms.

Thick chewy Udon noodles always go so well with rich curry soup!

So good.

A picture from this foggy morning.

Plant Based Veggie Bento Box

I usually make several vegetable dishes on weekends so that I have healthy food I quickly grab and put together.

I don’t assemble them in advance, because I like to make a meal with different small dishes depending on my mood each day.

These small dishes make it so easy to put together a beautiful Bento box like this.

The main of this Bento box was the apple BBQ vegan meatballs.

This homemade apple BBQ sauce was a great way to use up a few apples I got from the local orchard.

Have a great week everyone!

Curried Veggie Scones

We were at an indoor farmers market yesterday.

There were a lot of vendors, including bakers who were selling great-looking baked goods.

Unfortunately, no one had vegan options.

So this morning I decided to make vegan scones myself.

I initially thought about making a sweet version, but since I try not to eat a lot of “dessert” like food for my meal, I decided to go with a savory version.

I packed them with carrots, kale, edamame, and scallion and flavored the whole thing with curry.

I’m not anti-gluten, but these are definitely my kind of scones!

I served them with scrambled tofu and hash browns for breakfast this morning.

They were so good!!

Cloudy Sunday today.

My husband is spending the day with his buddies working on their cars.

It is going to be a perfect day for me to curl up on the couch and read.

Cardamom Chocolate Waffles

Last night I asked my husband what he wanted for breakfast.

H: Do I get to pick?

Me: Yes.

H: Waffles.

Me: Do I get to pick the flavor?

H: Yes.

So waffles were on the table this morning.

These cardamom chocolate waffles were so good!!

Crispy outside, moist inside, and perfectly light.

I knew I was going to love this flavor combination of cardamom and chocolate, but the final result exceeded my expectation.

Elegant, sophisticated, and delicious,

Served with homemade vegan butter and maple syrup.

Did I say lots of butter? (lol)

Have a great weekend everyone.

We are planning to check out an indoor farmers market this morning.

Tempeh Curry Slaw Sandwich

Homemade herbed bun, fresh spinach, thick teriyaki tempeh steak, and carrot-apple curry coleslaw.

So good!

The combination of curry, carrot, and apple is always a winner.

Thai Curry Noodle Soup with Tofu and Tempeh

I just chatted with a neighbor in the elevator.

It’s crazy that we get excited about the upcoming temperature of 40F degrees.

She is right though, about Minnesotans getting soon excited about 20F degrees!

Seriously, I think we can officially call us survivors.

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Wild Rice

When people try my soup, they ask me what I use in place of chicken (or beef) stock.

Well, when I tell them I don’t use any premade stock, even the vegetable one, they look surprised.

When I started plant-based diet, I would initially buy those products, but soon I realized I really didn’t need them to make tasty soup.

If anything, I use various kinds of seaweed, mushrooms, and vegetables to create the base flavor.

This soup is packed with wonderful mushroom and rosemary flavors.

My husband kept telling me that our kitchen smelled like “Thanksgiving!”

It’s quickly becoming cold already in November here in Minnesota, and soup is a good choice for a meal.