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Kiwi Bread

I took a little break from posting foods with kiwi, but here is another one.

Kiwi bread.

This surprisingly turned out well and maintained the refreshing kiwi flavor.

Since my husband doesn’t like banana bread, I may make it again next time I have craving for this type of quick bread.

I used this recipe as a base, and veganized it. I also decreased the amount of sugar.

Orange Mocha Waffle with Coconut Cream

I had an opened can of coconut cream.

Last night I was in the mood for something sweet, and I drenched my left-over chocolate sponge cake in the coconut cream and maple syrup, and it was just heavenly good.

So this is what I came up with this morning to finish up the coconut cream.

Cocoa powder, strong coffee, and orange zest were added to my basic waffle batter.

I love this combination and can’t get enough of it.

Orange and mocha go together so well.

Generously drop rich creamy coconut cream on top, drizzle maple syrup, and sprinkle chopped Brazil nuts.

Out of this world!!

Tempeh Tacos with Kiwi Cilantro Sauce

Here is another way you can use ripe kiwi fruit.

Make kiwi cilantro sauce and pour over tacos!

I marinated tempeh overnight, and the big sweet-spicy flavor was fully absorbed and locked in when cooked.

Blistered corn tortillas, avocado slices, sweet-spicy tempeh, lightly pickled radish, and kiwi cilantro sauce.


Kiwi Ginger Jam on Bagel

I was in a mood for kiwi fruit, but the smallest package I could find was 2 lb.

So you will see kiwi a lot in the next several posts.

First, I made kiwi ginger jam.

Loved the flavor combination.

I enjoyed it on my bagel for breakfast.

A hearty bagel, thick spread of butter, kiwi ginger jam, slightly sweetened coconut cream, and lightly toasted coconut flakes.

This brings me the tropical feel that we are so missing in Minnesota right now.

Smashed V-Meatball Sandwich

Nothing fancy, but absolutely delicious!

I smashed my homemade vegan meatballs, and drenched them in sweet miso-tomato sauce.

Smashed V-meatballs with miso-tomato sauce, sautéed cabbage, and homemade cheddar sandwiched in a hearty bagel from my favorite local vegan bakery.

Mom’s Apple Bread

I had a few apples sitting on our kitchen counter.

I was staring at them for a while, and then the idea hit me.

I wanted to eat the apple bread that my mom used to make when I was growing up.

I emailed and asked my mother to send me the recipe, and I had the recipe a few minutes later.

(My mother never procrastinates. She is the most reliable person I know!)

The is kind of a hybrid of bread and Danish pastry.

I LOVE the beautiful layers they create!

The recipe is a basic apple bread, but I decided to make the basic version and another version: apple-walnut-gorgonzola-thyme.

I happened to have homemade vegan gorgonzola cheese, so it was a good timing.

Both versions turned out wonderful!!

These look so lovely on my new plate.

Veggie Noodles with Sweet and Spicy Glaze

As I said before many times, I love noodles.


Zucchini and eggplant.

Sweet and spicy glaze.


Ube Bagel Sandwich

There are a few food-related magic words that never fail to grab my attention.

One is “Adzuki” or “red beans,” and another is “Ube” or “purple potato.”

I just love everything about purple potatoes, from the color to the taste.

A bagel, a thick spread of homemade vegan butter, creamy purple potato paste, and a sprinkle of roasted chestnut pieces.

This looked so pretty, but that didn’t stop me from devouring it!

Loved everything about this.

A hearty chewy bagel, slightly salty butter, creamy sweet purple potato, and crunchy chestnut.

Super yum!

Black bean Tea Soba

I’ve been always a big noodle person, and I’m always up for good noodle soup.

Remember this  Japanese black bean tea?

I had extra tea and beans kept in the freezer, and I thought it would be interesting to make them into a soba noodle dish.

I did add some stuff to the tea to taste more appropriate as “soup,” but I also made sure that the tea flavor is still there to be enjoyed.

I had cooked Kanpyo (dried shavings of calabash) and decided to make Kanpyo roses for garnish.

I hope everyone had a good start of the week.

Fiesta Layered Torte

I don’t make a lot of Mexican food at home , but I do like to eat tacos once in a while.

I try to find the smallest bag of tortillas, but it’s hard.

The smallest bag still comes with way too many tortillas for the household of two.

Although they are typically pretty reasonable, I still don’t want to waste any.

So looking at the bag full of tortillas and feeing a bit pressured, this is what I came up with.

Slightly blistered corn tortilla layers, black beans, Mexican-spiced “meat” sauce, grilled veggies, garlic-cilantro cream cheese, and home-made vegan cheese.

This turned out great!

It looks so festive, and the flavor match the look.

My husband and I both devoured our first piece and then went for another without hesitation!