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Rice (No Flour) Bread

Making bread using rice flour has become increasingly popular with the jump in demand for gluten-free bread in the United States in the recent years.

It’s the same in Japan as well, but rice flour bread seems to appeal to not only gluten-free dieters but also to a larger population, mostly because of their all-time love for rice.

This bread is a new kind of gluten-free bread.

You don’t use rice flour, instead, you use rice straight up.

Very innovative.

Yes. Just like this.

The result was amazing!

It looks like bread, smells like bread, and tastes like bread.

And a good one!

It’s crispy on top, and the inside is so soft and moist.

It gets sliced well too.

You can eat it untoasted to enjoy the softness of the bread.

Or you can toast it too.

Absolutely delicious when toasted.

It’s crunchy outside and the inside has wonderful chewiness.

I followed this recipe (in Japanese).

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