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2019 Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is the main dish of this year.

Mushroom stuffed vegan roast.

Isn’t it beautiful?

This homemade roast was so good!! (so much better than store-bought ones.)

Glazed Satsuma sweet potatoes with black sesames.

Sauteed broccolini with crushed red pepper.

Corn bread.

Kale persimmon salad.

Salad is traditionally a part of Thanksgiving dinner, but I still like to have fresh vegetables.

Also on the table were garlic mashed potatoes, mushroom walnut gravy, and mandarin cranberries.

My husband and I are spending the day with the family at his mother’s house.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hanging out.

We are planning to bring some of these dishes so that we will have something to eat, but I heard my mother-in-law is also modifying some of her recipes to make a few dishes vegan for us, which I very much appreciate.

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