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Lemon Melon Bread


This is my third time making melon bread.

My first melon bread was this, and the second one was this.

When I read what I had written about them, I realized that both times I said they were good but not the same as my mother’s.

Guess what?

This time I finally got my mother’s recipe, and I created a totally new vegan cookie top by incorporating my mother’s recipe.

This bread turned out AWESOME!

Creating the perfect vegan cookie top has been challenging, but I think this is it!

It has the right softness, moistness, and crunchiness, and it has the thickness that I prefer.

This time I added lemon zest to the cookie top, and put lemon curd inside the buns.

This is a must-try for any lemon-lovers, and it became my husband (who loves anything citrus)’s favorite instantly.

I wish I could share this with my mother.

I think she would approve!

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