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Pear Arugula Sandwich

American sandwiches tend to be “saucy” (or/and “cheesy”), and don’t get me wrong, I like those.

But once in a while I get craving for more “dry” type of sandwich, which I grew up with in Japan.

They also remind me of some sandwiches my friends from France used to often make.

I don’t buy a lot of bread because I enjoy baking my own bread at home.

But there is one company’s bread that I absolutely LOVE.

It’s Baker’s Field, a local company that specializes in flour and bread.

Their Table Bread is to die for.

We had a friend over for dinner the other night.

Everyone was trying to stay low on carbs, but we all failed.

We just couldn’t stop eating the Table Bread.

It’s just that good.

Last time we bought Table Bread we also came home with the same brand’s baguette.

It is also delicious, and this is what I used for this sandwich.

Homemade vegan butter, fresh arugula, pear slices, dry cranberries, and homemade Gorgonzola cheese.

So so good!

You can really appreciate the flavor from each ingredient.

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