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Satsuma Toast

This is what I was dreaming of for a while!!

Finally I got to make and taste it.

Satsuma potato is a Japanese sweet potato, and one of my favorite potatoes in the world!

It has the perfect sweetness and texture.

It doesn’t get mushy or soggy at all when cooked.

I used to cook them in the oven, but now I use the microwave oven.

It’s easy and takes much less time.

And the result is consistently good.


This is how I typically enjoy my roasted Satsuma potato.

With butter.

Lots of it!

The saltiness and the fat from the butter really complement the potato.

But this morning I had this craving for roasted Satsuma AND a toast.

And I couldn’t decide to just pick one.

So I decided to go for this double carbs breakfast.

Make a toast.

Butter it.

Put the roasted Satsuma potato.

Place a lot of butter on top.

Sprinkle black sesame seeds.

So good!!!

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of doing this before!

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