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A.T. Natto Kimchi Pasta

One of the interesting things in the culinary world is that stinky things can be absolutely delicious.

One example may be blue cheese.

In order to appreciate those foods, you have to have an A.T. (acquired taste).

Well, you need plenty to really enjoy this pasta.

Although a lot of secrets about the Japanese cuisine are out now, Natto is still an “unknown” to many people outside the country.

Natto is fermented soy beans, and I don’t blame you if you instantly said “not for me” when you hear the description.

More people will say “no” when they see what it looks like, and almost everybody will be shocked by the strong smell of it.

Even in Japan there are a lot of people who do not touch Natto.

Like any other foods that require an acquired taste, the people who do eat Natto tend to really like them, and fortunately I’m one of them.

They sell small packages (individual size) in the frozen section at Asian grocery stores in the U.S. (I get mine at United Noodles; surprisingly they have so many options/brands for Natto and it’s a bit intimidating to pick one).

I keep them in my freezer and move to the fridge the night before when I plan to eat it for lunch or dinner.

Well, talk about acquired tastes, another main ingredient in this pasta bowl, Kimchi, also requires that.

Interestingly, these two with very strong personality(?!) and smell(!) go really well together, which is almost magical to me.

A.T. Natto Kimchi Pasta: cooked pasta, Natto, kimchi, shiso (Japanese basil), Nori (roasted seaweed), scallion, refined olive oil (or sesame oil), soy sauce, salt

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