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Taco Quinoa

I think I’m getting better with the timing, because I now have another “taco” dish for Tuesday!

I’m so proud of myself, but it’s probably not that difficult as we do eat some kind of “tacos” often.

For this particular occasion I cooked both Jackfruit and tofu as a main filling, so it was kind of a “deluxe” version.

The jackfruit, tofu, and all the fixings were served over red quinoa.

And a cherry on top was the chipotle cream made by my husband.

He has recently started wanting to make creams and sauces like this by himself.

He has watched me cooking for a long time, and he is now actually pretty good at it.

(To be honest, it makes me a bit sad although I’m immensely proud of him at the same time, when I think that he doesn’t need me anymore; I guess that’s probably how mothers feel when their kids grow up (lol).)

His chipotle cashew cream was delicious.


Don’t worry.

The leftover JF and tofu were put to good use.

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