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Category Archives: Soup/Stew

Curry Noodle Soup with V-Meatballs and Edamame

When I make Japanese style curry, I first enjoy it over rice. Japanese curry is thick and rich, and it goes so well with rice. I usually make extra so that I have left-over to make curry noodle soup. I transform the curry into less thick broth to go with my noodles, by adding a […]

Broccoli Risotto with Mini Bok Choy and Lentils

I don’t know why, but any dish that looks green makes me smile. I guess it’s a happy color for me. These mini bok choy was from a local Asian grocery store. It was so fresh, cheap, and delicious! Broccoli risotto was accented with a little white miso that gave some richness to the flavor. […]

L-Style Dan Dan Noodle Soup

Dan dan noodle soup is rich, spicy, flavorful, and warm. Noodle soup makes you warm, but dan dan noodle soup seems to make you particularly warm, maybe because of the spiciness and the richness in the flavor combination. The traditional dan dan noodle soup has spicy ground meat as the main topping. My version has […]

Broccoli Cheddar K-Soup

I love soup. I though I tried almost every kind of popular soup. But then I realized that I had never had broccoli cheddar soup. At a restaurant or at home. Never! Since I had this awesome homemade vegan cheddar cheese in the fridge, I decided to go for it. I did a little research […]

Potato Chickpea Curry with Roti

I like Indian food, especially curry. If I had to choose one country’s food to eat for the rest of my life (besides Japan’s), it may have to be Indian food. This smells so good. So does the whole kitchen! Actually, the main reason I made curry was I needed something that would go well […]

Chili and Chips

Chili and Chips! First, chili. I used my homemade vegan meatballs. They were roughly crumbled and they kept their texture in chili really well. Potatoes are not probably the typical thing that accompanies chili, but why not?! I oven-baked them, and they turned out delicious!! I probably like these more than fried ones. I like […]

BB (Basic and Best) Roasted Veggie Soup

It feels like winter just hijacked our state. Fall came and went too quickly this year. One of my favorite things to make this time of the year is soup. Roasted veggie soup is so simple yet so delicious. This mug is the perfect size for soup. The handle is big and easy to hold. […]

“Z” Keema Curry
Z キーマカレー

Keema Curry is typically made with ground meat. I happened to have homemade plant-based “ground meat”, and I decided go for it. My other co-star in this curry is zucchini. I always try to find a way to sneak in some seasonal vegetables in my dishes. Served with brown rice. Delicious! We’ve been having unexpectedly […]

Showa Curry Ramen

Curry is not the most popular soup flavor for ramen, but it does exist and it is tasty. This is my second ramen bowl. I found it at the local Asian grocery store, and I liked the colors and the design. I didn’t notice it when I saw it at the store, but when it […]

Lasagna Soup with V-Sausage and Nutty Parm

When I discovered something called “Lasagna Soup” exists, I had to try it. Freshly cooked lasagna sheets were cut into smaller pieces. My homemade V-sausage was perfect to accompany the lasagna pasta. Does it look tasty or what? My nutty parm was made with the recipe from this book (slightly modified). This soup was absolutely […]