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Category Archives: Soup/Stew

BB (Basic and Best) Roasted Veggie Soup

It feels like winter just hijacked our state. Fall came and went too quickly this year. One of my favorite things to make this time of the year is soup. Roasted veggie soup is so simple yet so delicious. This mug is the perfect size for soup. The handle is big and easy to hold. […]

“Z” Keema Curry
Z キーマカレー

Keema Curry is typically made with ground meat. I happened to have homemade plant-based “ground meat”, and I decided go for it. My other co-star in this curry is zucchini. I always try to find a way to sneak in some seasonal vegetables in my dishes. Served with brown rice. Delicious! We’ve been having unexpectedly […]

Showa Curry Ramen

Curry is not the most popular soup flavor for ramen, but it does exist and it is tasty. This is my second ramen bowl. I found it at the local Asian grocery store, and I liked the colors and the design. I didn’t notice it when I saw it at the store, but when it […]

Lasagna Soup with V-Sausage and Nutty Parm

When I discovered something called “Lasagna Soup” exists, I had to try it. Freshly cooked lasagna sheets were cut into smaller pieces. My homemade V-sausage was perfect to accompany the lasagna pasta. Does it look tasty or what? My nutty parm was made with the recipe from this book (slightly modified). This soup was absolutely […]

Pot Sticker Combo Meal

Combo meals are nothing new in the U.S. But typical combo meals you get in Japan look a bit different. Instead of fries and soda, you typically get rice and soup (and maybe some kind of small veggie dish) that accompany the main dish. And this is the kind of lunch option I often wish […]

T’s White Bean Soup

I like bean soup, but this white bean soup is my husband’s absolute favorite. We haven’t had it for a while, so when I received a formal request, I was happy to make it. I usually don’t add too much to my white bean soup, but this time I had this idea of putting a […]

Ratatouille K-Style

Ratatouille is one of my favorite go-to dishes to make at the end of the weekend. I usually make a big batch so that I can enjoy it all through the following week. You can basically use any vegetables, but my must-have ingredient is eggplant. I also do not like my eggplant to become too […]

Comin’ Home Baby Cottage Pie

Cottage pie has the word, “homey”, all over the dish. I’m not English, but I love cottage pie because of it’s the kind of dish I would love to come home for after a long day. The stew inside has lots of things I love, like lentils, cauliflower, and carrots. They were all cooked together […]