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Tofu Stuffed Bitter Melon Tempura


My bitter melon adventure continues.

My first bitter melon dish, namul, did not fly.

I could not eat more than a few bites, because it was too bitter.

My next bitter melon dish was my previous post, smoothie.

It was still a bit bitter, but the bitterness was surprisingly pleasant.

Many people recommended tempura.

I was a bit skeptical, but when I heard some people say “I don’t like bitter melon, but I like it when it’s tempura,” I got encouraged.

I was initially planning to make simple tempura, but then I saw some meat-stuffed versions, and I thought it would be fun to stuff mine with tofu.

(I used scrambled tofu that was flavored quite heavily with various spices, including cumin, for the stuffing.)

It was still bitter, but I actually liked it.

I wonder if tempura makes bitter melon easier to eat, or it is me that is getting used to bitter melon.

I simply enjoyed it with Kosher salt.

I also really liked the combination of bitter melon and tofu.

Here was my bitter melon dish, number 4.

Braised bitter melon.

This was pretty tasty too.

Now I used up all the bitter melon I bought.

At this point I’m not sure if I will go back to buy more…

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