Bitter Melon Smoothie

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2 thoughts on “Bitter Melon Smoothie

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe, it’s popular in the Caribbean but I grew up not liking it for its bitterness.
    A Japanese friend suggested last year that I try with banana as a smoothie. So now they’re in season here in Japan, I bought one to try with banan bit decided to do some research on caraille banana smoothie and found your recipe.
    I did it your mom’s way and it was amazing. So now it’s my new beat friend. I know it has amazing health benefits and Im finally glad to be able to make it part of my diet.
    Thank you!!!☺️☺️

    • I’m glad that my mom’s recipe was helpful! Yes, the bitter melon is supposed to be really good for you. So bitter melon smoothie is like a super drink when combined with all the fruits! 🙂

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