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Creamy Mango Stew

The inspiration came from one product.

It’s savory fermented mango sauce from Trader Joe’s.

When I saw an Instagram friend’s post about this, I put it on my list right away.

It has a beautiful orange color.


Slightly spicy.

It has the undertone of mango, but it’s not sweet.

But it definitely has the “fermented” flavor and creates depth in whatever you use this for.

Another interesting ingredient in this stew was this spice, labeled as “Shiro.”

My husband found it at a Middle Eastern grocery store.

The gentleman at the store told us that it’s chickpea flour mixed with various spices, typically used to thicken stew.

This is very flavorful but not too spicy.

Creamy Mango Stew: canola oil, ginger, garlic, onion, red pepper, potato, water, bay leaves, garbanzo beans, Trader Joe’s Mango Sauce, “Shiro” powder, cumin, pineapple salsa, sugar, salt, pepper, salt, pepper, kasuri methi

The braised tempeh (crumbled) was the last minute thought, but I absolutely loved the additional sweet crunchiness.

This stew makes a perfect dinner.

(And this was delicious the next day, too!)

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