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Homemade Strawberry Pasta

I like fruit, and I mostly eat them fresh.

But since we are a small household (of two), the smallest sized package is often still too big for us to finish quickly.

So I’m always trying to find a way to use them.

I know it’s easier to use it for sweets, but we can’t consume too many sweets (well, technically we can, but we try not to!), so when I come up with a non-sweet thing I can use fruit for, I go for it.

I followed my mother-in-law’s advice for choosing the right strawberries at a store (she says they have to smell like strawberries), and I got a good batch, but they were also very ripe.

I’ve been really enjoying making homemade pasta lately, and this one turned out to be a fun project, too.

Very easy to handle.

And the pink color!

Can you see the seeds?

The light pink color stayed in the pasta after cooking, which made me happy.

Believe it or not, it does have a wonderful strawberry taste!

And as always, I love the texture of homemade pasta.

It’s just so good.

I coated freshly cooked strawberry pasta with olive oil and homemade herbed feta cheese, added salt and pepper, and then served with garlic balsamic glaze and fresh basil.

This turned out to be a unique sophisticated pasta dish.

I loved it.

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