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Rhubarb Blueberry Brownies

The rhubarb season arrived suddenly.

I didn’t remember exactly their season is.

But I was visiting my mother-in-law last week, and when she told me to go to her backyard and pick some up, I thought it was a bit early for rhubarb (or any vegetables/fruits) to be ready to be harvested in Minnesota.

But there they were!

I really had fun pulling them out of the ground.

I fell on my butt every time I pulled a stalk out (lol).

The first thing I made with this fresh rhubarb was rhubarb blueberry brownies.

When my mother-in-law gave us the rhubarb, she also gave me a few jars that I can use to put jam in.

One of them had a lid that said “blueberry rhubarb jam.”

She told me that she had bought the jam from a local vendor last year, and she really liked it.

So I wanted to make something with the combination so that I could bring some to our mother’s day family get-together.

This brownie is chocolaty, heavy, dense, and fudgy, exactly the way I like.

It’s packed with rhubarb, blueberries, and chocolate chips.

This turned out absolutely delicious!

Not just delicious for vegan food (I stopped saying this a long time ago, but I decided to mention this in case some readers are curious.), but delicious, period.

Definitely too delicious for my husband and I to stay away from.

Yes I overate.

But oh, my, this was good.

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