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Double Purple Gnocchi

I love purple potato.

From its color to taste.

I usually buy purple potatoes either at Whole Foods (above) or Ha Tien Supermarket (below).

As you can see they look very different.

Their inside has very different colors as their skin.

I knew they were slightly different, but when you compare them side by side like this, you can tell exactly how they are different from each other.

The one from Whole Foods has more red, and the one from Ha Tien has more blue.

The both potatoes were made into gnocchi, and this was how they looked before cooking.

The gnocchi kept the beautiful bright purple colors when cooked.

I made these gnocchi with rice flour this time, and they ended up with a very pleasant chewy texture.

I was super happy with the result.

They were served with creamy mushroom bechamel sauce.

Elegant and delicious.

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