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Lemon Thyme French Toast

I don’t know about you, but I just cannot make French toast plain.

You can make so many wonderful versions of French toast.

My husband is not always into my (sometimes crazy) creations, but he gave me the thumbs up for this one, the lemon thyme version.

I used this recipe as a base for the batter, and it turned out wonderful!

There are various vegan French toast recipes out there, but I like mine using chickpea flour like this one, as it creates nice “eggy” coating.

Fresh lemon zest and thyme were sprinkled on top as well.

It was served with homemade vegan butter and maple syrup.

So fresh and delicious!

LOVE the combination of lemon and thyme.

Already missing New York City.

(Did I tell you we were in NYC a few weekends ago?)

This mug is one of a few things I brought home from the city (other than memories).

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