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Beet and Cucumber Bagel Sandwich

I remembered that I still had a few bagels in the freezer, and I decided to make a bagel sandwich for breakfast.

I had the plan last night, and for the sandwich I wanted some kind of chees to go with it.

So I decided to make herbed feta “cheese” with the recipe in the the “Vegan Cheese” book.

This is my second time to make this.

The first time it turned out great except that it was too salty.

The recipe calls for one tablespoon of salt, but I believe it is an error, and it’s probably meant to be one “teaspoon” of salt.

This time I went with a little less than one teaspoon of salt, and it was perfect.

I also used cheesecloth to remove excess water, and it turned out fabulous!

This is really delicious cheese.

The texture is exactly what you want, and is very crumbly.

The cheese spreads well too.

Spread of homemade vegan butter; pickled beet slices; feta crumbles; chervil.

Spread of feta; cucumber slices; lightly pickled sweet red onion; capers.

I forgot to make pickled red onion in advance, so they are “pickled” only for a few minutes, but I actually really liked this version, too because of its still-crisp texture, lighter pickle flavor, and beautiful pink color.

You can eat them separately, or you can put them together and enjoy it this way, too!

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