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Weekend Sushi Rolls

Last weekend we took a trip to New York City.

We got to try great vegan food there, and one of the memorable meals was the one at Beyond Sushi.

Their sushi was so creative and unique, and that really inspired me to be a bit more bold in my sushi-making.

I also found this vegan “caviar” at a vegan shop in the city, and I was excited to try with my sushi.

The “caviar” is made with seaweed, and it definitely satisfies my craving for the “ocean” flavor.

The texture is also spot-on!

Inside: avocado; sweet-spicy tempeh, Japanese Shiso basil leaves
Outside: cucumber; homemade vegan turmeric mayo; black “caviar”

Inside: pickled beets; avocado
Outside: radish; homemade vegan mayo, orange “caviar”; chervil

Inside: Tofu with sweet teriyaki sauce; black sesame seeds
Outside: Kanpyo

All were super yummy!

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