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Chai Oatmeal with Slow-Dried Fruit

I had a big dinner last night at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Although my husband and I split papaya salad (my recent favorite!) and red curry, it was still a lot of food.

And I definitely had a hard time stopping myself because the food was so good!

So this morning I was definitely in the mood for a “reset” breakfast.

On a morning like this oatmeal is a good choice.

Today I could definitely use some extra comfort and decided to go with the Chai flavor.

I made chai tea with Earl Grey tea, soy milk, and Chai-inspired spices, and cooked oatmeal in it.

I just made these slow-dried fruits yesterday, and I thought these would be a perfect topping for my chai oatmeal.


Love all the spices and fruits together.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I am planning to cook a few dishes for the next few days, but then I may go shoe-shopping for a new pair of sneakers.

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