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Mom’s “Egg” and Lettuce Hot Sandwich

Is there a dish that you grew up eating all the time as a kid because your mom made it, and then later as an adult you realize that no one else makes it?

This “egg” and lettuce hot sandwich is one of those foods.

My mother made this for my sister and I all the time when we were kids, and I thought everyone else was eating it too.

I was apparently wrong.

You spread mayo and mustard on two slices of bread.

Place generous amount of lettuce leaves and soft scrambled eggs.

Sandwich and then cook it in an oven toaster.

Of course to make it vegan, I used soft tofu to make the scrambled “egg” and my own homemade mayo.

I also added mayo later after the sandwich was out of the oven because I was not sure how my mayo would react the high heat (I didn’t want my mayo to become liquid oil during the cooking process).

This was actually my second attempt to make this sandwich.

The first attempt was rather disappointing.

I thought it would be better to add lettuce later after the cooking to keep it fresh, but it was a big mistake.

Cooking the lettuce along with the eggs really makes this sandwich special.

The lettuce gets soft and almost sweet, but not soggy.

Of course you have to eat quickly as soon as it’s out of the oven, but it’s not a problem (lol).

The other key is the mustard.

You cannot skip mustard in this sandwich.

It’s a must.

It tasted exactly like the one my mother used to make.

Loved it.

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