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2019 Super Bowl

I’m not a huge Super Bowl fan (unless the Vikings get to play), but it gives me an excuse to make fun snacks!

These are a few things I prepared for the game today.

Walnut and Blue Cheese Grapes.

I saw Ms. Giada making this on TV, and I immediately knew I wanted to try them.

These are DELICIOUS!!!

The flavor combination is amazing.

Here is a link to Ms. Giada’s recipe.

I used my homemade vegan gorgonzola cheese (recipe from this book) to replace cream cheese, blue cheese, and heavy cream.

Meatballs covered in Asian BBQ sauce.

I used my favorite recipe for the meatballs.

Flat Samosas.

I like samosas, but often times the wrappers are thick and too heavy for me.

I simply used wonton wrappers, flatten, and pan-fried them.


In the filling you’ll find potatoes, carrots, peas, and corn.

Are you watching the game?

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