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Persimmon Galette with Brandy Cream

Persimmon has become easier to find in the U.S. lately.

The last few years I’ve been able to find it at Costco.

It’s one of the most popular fruits this time of the year (fall-winter) in Japan.

My parents actually have a persimmon tree in their yard, and they harvest hundreds of them every year.

The interesting thing is that when I’m carrying persimmons, almost always a stranger asks me questions like “What are they?” “What does it taste like?” “How do you eat it?”, etc.

They are delicious fresh (you do need to peel the skin).

It makes a great salad. Peel and slice. Combine with fresh kale and serve with maple mustard dressing. Yum!

You can make delicious jam with persimmon.

But my favorite is probably a pie.

I used my trusted/my current favorite vegan pie crust recipe for this.

The persimmons were peeled, sliced, and then combined with fresh lemon juice, a little sugar, and a little corn starch.

I served it with brandy coconut cream.


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