Gochujang Macaroni and Cheese

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2 thoughts on “Gochujang Macaroni and Cheese

  • Hi! Do you buy the vegan cheese or make it? The Butchery shop you mentioned really sounds like a great place!

    • Hi Lori,

      I’m not a big fan of fake cheese or meat. I’d rather use “real” food like mushrooms, eggplant, tofu, lentils, etc to replace meat. I make vegan cheese and meat mostly for Terry. He loves my homemade cheese/meat. But I don’t make them all the time, so if he gets craving, he will go and buy vegan cheese/meat from stores. The Butcher place is interesting, and it’s fun to try a small amount (and their jackfruit “chicken” is good), but I usually stay away from any “processed” food, vegan or not.

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